PM Stories

Why Inmates Should Be at the Front of the Vaccination Lines Emily Bazelon, New York Times

The Freakout About Giving COVID Vaccines to Prisoners Has Already Begun Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

Facing a new COVID surge, Florida prisons need to get it right this time Greg Newburn, Orlando Sentinel

COVID-19 outbreak infects more than half of inmates at Pa. prison for elderly and infirm Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

Almost half of all inmates at Alaska’s biggest prison have active COVID-19 cases right now Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage Daily News

Immigrants Detained by ICE Say They Were Punished for Requesting COVID-19 Tests Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, The Intercept

Courts confront COVID-19 challenges as jury trials resume Brandon Goldner, WCNC

Last year, New York City courts held 800 criminal trials. This year? Nine. Nicole Hong and Jan Ransom, New York Times

COVID Only Paused the Crisis in Missouri’s Public Defender System Danny Wicentowski, Riverfront Times

COVID-19 Has Reshaped the Justice System; But Will It Last? The Crime Report

Athens Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Wins Runoff, Will Become State’s First Latina DA R. Robin McDonald, Daily Report

New Orleans DA candidates say they will review all old non-unanimous verdicts regardless of upcoming Supreme Court ruling Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

DOJ Begins Probe of Louisiana’s Prisoner Release Practices AP News

The problem with probation and parole Allison Frankel, The Progressive

I’m Your Woman Brings a Character From the Margins of Crime Films to Its Center Angelica Jade Bastién, New York Magazine

An Interview With the Author of We Keep the Dead Close, a Captivating True-Crime Novel About a 1969 Murder at Harvard Elise Taylor, Vogue

Becoming Isis Tha Saviour Chiquita Paschal, NPR

AM Stories

Massachusetts lawmakers pass policing reform bill to ban chokeholds and limit tear gas use Lauren del Valle and Peter Nickeas, CNN

Police reform bill historic but just a beginning Editorial Board, Boston Globe

New York City Police Solve Fewer Crimes in Pandemic Ben Chapman, Wall Street Journal

Early police stops had long-term consequences for Seattle’s Black youth, UW research shows Elise Takahama, Seattle Times

Police guide that calls BLM a terrorist group draws outrage Ryan J. Foley, AP News

Welcome to the New Era of Cops Driving Teslas Kate Aronoff, New Republic

Justice Department joins defense team for two Park Police officers charged with killing Bijan Ghaisar Tom Jackman, Washington Post

‘Simply unthinkable’: Law officers call for halt to executions in Trump’s final weeks Kevin Johnson, USA Today

Can Trump Pre-emptively Pardon Allies or Himself? Clemency Power, Explained Charlie Savage, New York Times

Biden Must Fix The Broken Executive Clemency Process. This Is Who He Should Select To Lead That Effort. Emily Galvin-Almanza, The Appeal

How Biden Can Close Guantanamo Once and for All Karen J. Greenberg, American Prospect

Editorial: Unpaid prison labor is wrong. End it now. Houston Chronicle

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