LOS ANGELES (CNS) – A coronavirus outbreak at the downtown Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center has grown today to infect 219 inmates and forced officials to cancel all visitation at the facility.

Along with the virus-positive inmates, 12 employees of the facility have been infected, according to the Bureau of Prisons’ website.

The BOP also reported that 16 inmates and 10 employees of the center have recovered from the virus. There have been no inmate or staff deaths connected to the detention center, according to the BOP.

Of the BOP’s 122 facilities throughout the country, the Los Angeles center has the fourth-highest number of cases, after facilities in Arizona with 284 positive inmates, New Jersey with 246 and Illinois with 224.

Due to the outbreak, all visiting at the Los Angeles MDC has been suspended until further notice.

Because of the evolving nature of the crisis, the BOP said it would update the open COVID-19 confirmed positive test numbers and recoveries each weekday.

The capacity of the facility is 1,000, although as of Tuesday, there were 553 inmates housed there. The detention center holds both male and female offenders who are either in trial or in pretrial status.

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