PM Stories

Amy Coney Barrett’s Judicial Record in Criminal Justice Cases Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Alia Nahra, Brennan Center for Justice

On Gun Laws, Barrett’s Philosophy Leaves Little Room for Public Safety Olivia Li, The Trace

Missing from 2020 Ballots: Proposals to Expand Gun Restrictions Jennifer Mascia, The Trace

Four States Could Legalize Marijuana Next Month Kaila Philo, The Appeal

Gov. Whitmer signs bills expanding criminal record expungement in Michigan Angie Jackson, Detroit Free Press

COVID-19 Gives Us the Chance to Close Prisons. Here’s Why and How. Keith Humphreys, Washington Monthly

‘I Told Her I’ll Wear Two Masks’ Angelina Chapin, New York Magazine

Death Row’s Other Victims: Families of the Condemned Jodie Sinclair, The Crime Report

Curtis Flowers Is Home Free. District Attorney Doug Evans Is, Too. Orion de Nevers, Slate

‘Momma’s Not Stopping Until That Jail Goes Down’: The Family of Jamel Floyd, New York Man Who Died After Being Pepper Sprayed By Jail Guards, Speak Out Sanya Mansoor, Time

Short Story Finalist: ‘Solitary’ Dutch Simmons, Texas Observer

Project Dandelion exposes sexual assault crimes on Illinois college campuses. It was created by a high schooler. Christen A. Johnson, Chicago Tribune

AM Stories

Emboldened Far-Right Groups Challenge Cities, States Erika Bolstad, Stateline

As anti-police brutality protests continue, armed men without badges or uniforms sow fear Gina Barton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Plot Against Gretchen Whitmer Shows the Danger of Private Militias Mary B. McCord, New York Times

The All-American Mind of a Militia Member Harel Shapira, New Republic

Alabama’s Ugly Secret: Police Dog Attacks Ashley Remkus and Challen Stephens, The Marshall Project

Stop-and-Frisk Never Really Ended. Now It’s Gone Digital. Alice Speri, The Intercept

Nothing to see at the BPD? Adrian Walker, Boston Globe

Texas police officer antagonized people in small town prior to shooting, residents say Arelis R. Hernández, Mark Berman, and Mary Beth Gahan, Washington Post

Judge allows Derek Chauvin to live outside of Minnesota as he awaits trial in death of George Floyd Holly Bailey, Washington Post

Prosecutors want stiff sentences for ex-cops charged in George Floyd’s killing Rochelle Olson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

In a state known for ‘law and order,’ Texas Republicans struggle to make the message stick Tim Craig, Washington Post

Black Lives Matter launches a political action committee Maya King, Politico

Examining the Fraught Subject of Guns and Police RJ Young, New York Times

Getting to Freedom City Robin D. G. Kelley, Boston Review

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