PM Stories

The Constitution Is On Pause in America’s Courtrooms Jessica A. Roth, The Atlantic

A Broken Bond: How New York Judges Are Getting Around Bail Reform Akash Mehta, The City

Private Prisons Have Spent More on This Election Than Any Other in History Julia Lurie, Mother Jones

California kept prison factories open. Inmates worked for pennies an hour as COVID-19 spread Kiera Feldman, Los Angeles Times

As SC prisons struggle to stop coronavirus, inmates say quarantine conditions are inhumane Sara Coello, Charleston Post and Courier

Being in prison in a pandemic makes life ‘very, very small’ Jennifer Brooks, Minneapolis Star Tribune

California’s Referendum to Eliminate Cash Bail, Explained Taryn A. Merkl and Leily Arzy, Brennan Center for Justice

Proposition 25 Would End Cash Bail. So Why Are Some Progressive Groups Against It? Marisa Lagos, KQED

Race for Los Angeles district attorney increasingly bitter Brian Melley, AP News

How Police Reform Is Playing A Role In The Harris County DA’s Race Andrew Schneider, Houston Public Media

Vermont legalizes marijuana sales German Lopez, Vox

Michigan inmate serving 60-year sentence for selling weed requests clemency Christina Carrega, ABC News

State suspends practice of taking money from inmates who owe restitution Katelyn Newberg, Las Vegas Review-Journal

He’d Waited Decades to Argue His Innocence. She Was a Judge Who Believed in Second Chances. Nobody Knew She Suffered from Alzheimer’s. Joe Sexton, ProPublica

AM Stories

Delayed Homeland Security Report Warns of ‘Lethal’ White Supremacy Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times

Wolverine Watchmen, extremist group implicated in Michigan kidnapping plot, trained for ‘civil war’ Hannah Knowles, Washington Post

How One Man Built a Neo-Nazi Insurgency in Trump’s America Mack Lamoureux, Ben Makuch, and Zachary Kamel, Vice News

Police killings more likely in agencies that get military gear, data shows Chris Joyner and Nick Thieme, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Train Cops to be Peacekeepers, Not Warriors: Former Chief The Crime Report

The Trouble with Police Unions Daniel DiSalvo, National Affairs

Cities Are Losing Police Chiefs and Struggling to Hire New Ones Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal

Black officers, torn between badge and culture, face uniquely painful questions and insults Lateshia Beachum and Brittany Shammas, Washington Post

Born with two strikes Toluse Olorunnipa and Griff Witte, Washington Post

The Store That Called the Cops on George Floyd Aymann Ismail, Slate

Daniel Prude Was in ‘Mental Distress.’ Police Treated Him Like a Suspect. Edgar Sandoval, New York Times

Decision Not to Charge Wisconsin Officer in Fatal Shooting Draws Protests Maria Cramer, New York Times

The True Story of the Antifa Invasion of Forks, Washington Lauren Smiley, Wired

Why British Police Shows Are Better Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

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