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What Trump Really Means When He Tweets “LAW & ORDER!!!” Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

An exchange about Breonna Taylor and George Floyd crystallizes the candidates’ opposing views on racial justice. Maggie Astor, New York Times

Kamala Harris Promises To Decriminalize Marijuana and Expunge Records Billy Binion, Reason

Was Kamala Harris a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’? VP Candidate’s Record on Criminal Justice Reform Jocelyn Grzeszczak, Newsweek

Most Florida felons kept from registering to vote by fines, fees or fears, activists say Lori Rozsa, Washington Post

Florida ruled felons must pay to vote. Now, it doesn’t know how many can. Lawrence Mower and Langston Taylor, Tampa Bay Times

Activists gather outside California jails, call for mass clemency to stop COVID-19 spread John Bowden, The Hill

Delaware prisons prep for battle on two fronts, against COVID-19 and the flu Mark Eichmann, WHYY

Federal appeals court says Texas doesn’t have to give geriatric inmates hand sanitizer for now Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

In New York’s State Prisons, One Night in Solitary Can Derail an Education Alexandra Gibbons, Solitary Watch

Federal judge tells Trump administration to stop withholding $1,200 stimulus payments totaling $100 million from incarcerated Michelle Singletary, Washington Post

Report: Critical Change Made in Dealing With Mentally Ill Offenders (Los Angeles) City News Service

How a Podcast Paused a Murder Trial Nicholas Quah, New York Magazine

‘Mangrove’ Review: Steve McQueen’s Tale of Racial Injustice Builds to Thrilling Courtroom Showdown Eric Kohn, IndieWire

NPR Expands Storytelling Lens To Explore The Intersection Of Hip-Hop And Mass Incarceration Jacqueline Schneider, Forbes

Louder Than A Riot NPR

AM Stories

‘Minneapolis Effect’ Blamed for Spike in Homicides The Crime Report

Deadly violence in LA up 15% so far this year, mirroring national trends Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times

Did De-Policing Cause the 2015 Homicide Spike? Richard Rosenfeld and Joel Wallman, Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Push to defund police gains no traction in NJ as state’s largest towns increase funds for cops Terrence T. McDonald, USA Today

Answers and accountability are desperately needed in the Breonna Taylor case Editorial Board, Washington Post

In Louisville, Looking to Protests of the Past to Move Forward John Eligon and Will Wright, New York Times

From slogans to solutions? Pritzker proposes ending cash bail, no-knock warrants and other criminal justice reforms Rachel Hinton, Chicago Sun-Times

California prosecutor will reopen investigation into the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant Amir Vera and Cheri Mossburg, CNN

St. Louis husband and wife who pointed guns at protesters indicted on firearms charges Tim Stelloh, NBC News

Housing the homeless, feeding school children: How Black families devastated by police violence are fighting to end racism Nicquel Terry Ellis, USA Today

The Black New Yorker Who Led the Charge Against Police Violence in the 1830s Jonathan Daniel Wells, Time

A Reckoning Inside the Domestic-Violence Movement Zoë Carpenter, The Nation

Even A Pandemic Couldn’t Stop Police Shootings. Activists Explain Why Abolition Must Be Our Goal. Mary Retta, Refinery29

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