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Episode 12: Thank You for Your Time (Season Finale)

Episode Synopsis

As David Chesnoff concludes the defense team’s opening statement, it becomes clear that the jury will have to choose between two ways of interpreting evidence: Will they be guided by Chesnoff’s mantra that “no evidence is evidence” deciding that the lack of CSI-type forensic evidence leaves them with reasonable doubt of Durst’s guilt, or will they follow Lewin’s OK Boomer Method deciding that the mess of circumstantial evidence surrounding Durst’s actions and statements and the statements of others leaves only one reasonable explanation: that Robert Durst killed Susan Berman. And then, after two days of testimony the LA courts were shut down due to COVID-19 and the trial was suspended until next Spring. The episode concludes with a taste of the testimony that lies ahead in Season Two, and with an update on our plans to cover these proceedings in the coming months.

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Here is a bit more information about the series.

Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst

The story of billionaire Robert Durst and his possible involvement in the deaths of three people became world-famous because of the popular HBO series, The Jinx. Hear the story of the Durst trial for the murder of Susan Berman as it happens, with unique access to evidence and testimony from pre-trial proceedings, courtroom recaps, expert commentary, witness testimony and interviews with individuals who have special knowledge related to the homicide trial. This groundbreaking real-time true crime series is created, hosted and produced by Oscar and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Kary Antholis.

And you can read the announcement in Deadline here.

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