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How Amy Coney Barrett Would Reshape the Court – And the Country Politico

Amy Coney Barrett Wants Felons to Have Guns, But Not Votes Matt Ford, New Republic

Federal Executions During COVID-19 Put Innocent Lives at Risk Emma Grey Ellis, Wired

Prisoners Describe Official Missteps at the Center of Michigan’s Worst Coronavirus Outbreak Aaron Miguel Cantú, The Intercept

At a Women’s Prison, Fear and Uncertainty Spread Along With COVID-19 Steven Hale, Nashville Scene

Federal Prosecutors Argue COVID-19 Is Just ‘One More Way to Perish in Prison’ CJ Ciaramella, Reason

A Congressional Oversight Committee Found That ICE Detainees Died After Receiving Poor Medical Care Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed News

The Cruel New Era of Data-Driven Deportation Alvaro M. Bedoya, Slate

Criminal Justice Reform Is Working in NJ, but Prison Makeup Remains a Problem Suzette Parmley, New Jersey Law Journal

In a Virtual Classroom, How Do You Care for Kids Threatened by Gun Violence? J. Brian Charles, The Trace

Why Redefining ‘Violence’ Should Be a Justice Priority Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

California requires correctional facilities to house transgender inmates based on gender identity Artemis Moshtaghian and Eric Levenson, CNN

Making Art When ‘Lockdown’ Means Prison Holland Cotter, New York Times

AM Stories

There Should Be No Doubt Why Trump Nominated Amy Coney Barrett Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker

What to Know About Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Bridget Read, New York Magazine

Where Trump and Biden Stand on Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

Stop Overpolicing Jonathan Blanks, Reason

How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapsed Astead W. Herndon, New York Times

The Law Is Not Made for Breonna Taylor Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

‘All That Death in His Life’: Daniel Prude’s Tragic Journey to Rochester Robert Chiarito and Sarah Maslin Nir, New York Times

How the Protests Upended Portland’s Mayoral Race Alice Speri, The Intercept

In Colorado’s DA Races, Disagreements Abound on Criminal Justice Reform Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

Amid massive COVID-19 outbreak, Virginia prisons accused of failing inmates again Justin Jouvenal, Washington Post

NY Parole Of Former Black Panther Activist Who Murdered 2 Cops Sparks Reform Debate Brian Mann, NPR

A DC man who spent 25 years in prison for murder always said he was innocent. His case was finally dismissed. Keith L. Alexander, Washington Post

‘Color Out Cash Bail’ illustrates prison reform for all ages Ebonique Little, Commonwealth Times

Seeking the Humanity in the Story of Kim Wall’s Murder Lisa Abend, New York Times

A Wilderness of Error: the year’s most troubling true crime series Adrian Horton, The Guardian

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