PM Stories

The Other Police Violence Barbara Bradley Hagerty, The Atlantic

How Republicans Undermined Ex-Felon Voting Rights in Florida Patricia Mazzei and Michael Wines, New York Times

Pandemic inspires new push to shrink jails and prisons Kelly Servick, Science Magazine

Washington’s prisons may have hit pivotal moment as they eye deep cut in their population Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times

Over 850 inmates at Folsom Prison have caught COVID-19, most of them in past 2 weeks Michael McGough, Sacramento Bee

What It’s Like To Be Held By ICE During The COVID-19 Pandemic Rowaida Abdelaziz, HuffPost

In April, She Was Jailed on a Probation Violation. By June, She Was Dead Tana Ganeva, Reason

How COVID-19 Tested the Family Bonds I Was Building When I Got Out Angel Alejandro, The Marshall Project

Maya Moore’s Marriage to the Man She Helped Exonerate Is a Great Story in an Awful Year Christina Cauterucci, Slate

Incarcerated Artist Chronicles Life in San Quentin Prison During Pandemic Aparna Komarla, Davis Vanguard

This LA activist went to jail. Now she runs a film fest that puts justice on trial Laura Zornosa, Los Angeles Times

A look at Netflix’s ‘Longmire,’ Indian Country and the battle for jurisdiction Adam Banner, ABA Journal

AM Stories

What It’s Going to Take to Fix Policing Sunwoo Oh, Brennan Center for Justice

What ‘Systemic’ Police Reform Really Means Ronald Weitzer, The Crime Report

Race, policing, and the universal yearning for safety Ezra Klein, Vox

Qualified Immunity: A Legal, Practical, and Moral Failure Jay Schweikert, Cato Institute

Lawmakers, Law Enforcement Clash Over Military Gear Program Andrea Fuller, Wall Street Journal

Military Police Sought “Heat Ray” Weapon Deemed Unsuitable for War to Use on DC Protesters Elliot Hannon, Slate

The Pervasive Violence of the LA County Sheriff’s Department Piper French, The Appeal

In ‘law and order’ debate, data can be molded to suit moment Lindsay Whitehurst, AP News

‘There’s not a comparable year’: Homicides are up 52% in Chicago amid COVID-19, with majority involving people of color Grace Hauck, USA Today

Chief Moore: Pandemic Now Driving Up Violence (Los Angeles) City News Service

NY Bail Reform Called ‘Most Dramatic’ in Nation The Crime Report

Texas court tosses death sentence in police killing due to intellectual disability Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door Tells The Tragic Story Of The Watts Family Murders Natalie Morin, Refinery29

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