PM Stories

Conviction, Imprisonment, and Lost Earnings: How Involvement with the Criminal Justice System Deepens Inequality Terry-Ann Craigie, Ames Grawert, and Cameron Kimble, Brennan Center for Justice

The Decision Upholding Florida’s Jim Crow-Style Poll Tax Is an Affront to Democracy Perry Grossman and Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Oregon prisoners report ‘inhumane’ conditions following fire evacuations, transfers Jayati Ramakrishnan, The Oregonian

Oregon’s inmate transfers due to wildfires ‘did not go as smoothly’ as intended, state concedes Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

‘Don’t let me die’: Inside the Alabama prison system’s COVID-19 quarantine ward Connor Sheets,

Florida to resume visitation soon, despite highest monthly COVID-19 death toll among prisoners Grace Toohey, Orlando Sentinel

After a Pandemic Pause, ICE Resumes Deportation Arrests Miriam Jordan, New York Times

Court Rules Government Can End Humanitarian Protections For Some 300,000 Immigrants Rachel Treisman, NPR

Report: Death penalty cases show history of racial disparity Colleen Long, Washington Post

Far From Being Beyond Saving, Prison Youth Deserve Every Opportunity For Meaningful Rehabilitation Mark Wilson, The Appeal

Illinois AG brings his South Side upbringing into criminal justice Shia Kapos, Politico

Florida man cleared of rape and murder convictions after 37 years in prison The Guardian

The True Story of the Married Woman Who Smuggled Her Boyfriend Out of Prison in a Dog Crate Michael J. Mooney, The Atlantic

During pandemic, trash and crime increased on Whittier Boulevard. Lowrider clubs said: Enough Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, Los Angeles Times

AM Stories

The Trump campaign goes all in on conflating ‘protesters’ and ‘criminals’ Philip Bump, Washington Post

Prosecutor Quits Trump’s Law Enforcement Commission, Saying The Fix Is In Ryan J. Reilly, Huffington Post

How New York City’s Police Unions Embraced Trump Alan Feuer, New York Times

Lead cop in George Floyd case had record of overusing restraints, prosecutors reveal Los Angeles Times

California failed to pass a major police reform bill. Here’s what experts say that could mean for the rest of the nation Theresa Waldrop, CNN

How politics and police unions stopped bills to hold bad cops accountable George Skelton, Los Angeles Times

A Step Toward Accountability in Policing Scott Michelman and David Cole, Wall Street Journal

New York City Council, Don’t Roll Back Police Reforms Editorial Board, New York Times

Virginia has made good progress on police reform. It should finish strong. Editorial Board, Washington Post

For victims of police violence, family spokespeople emerge to carry legacies, spur action Robert Klemko, Washington Post

The Cop Who Quit Instead of Helping to Gentrify Atlanta Tom Gissler with Laura Thompson, Mother Jones

Alfre Woodard Discusses Police Violence and the Ending of Clemency Angelica Jade Bastién, New York Magazine

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