PM Stories

Ex-Felons in Florida Must Pay Fines Before Voting, Appeals Court Rules Patricia Mazzei, New York Times

Federal appeals court blocks hundreds of thousands of felons in Florida who still owe fines and fees from registering to vote Lori Rozsa, Washington Post

The expensive burden of parole, probation unjustly places people in a second prison Jessica Jackson, USA Today

Sitting ducks: COVID threatens many NY prisoners; why won’t Cuomo grant more clemency? Steve Zeidman, New York Daily News

Virginia prison has 407 COVID-19 cases, two new deaths San Francisco Chronicle

“A Silent Pandemic”: Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers José Olivares and John Washington, The Intercept

Prisons battling COVID-19 face another disease threat this fall Nicole Wetsman, The Verge

For Prisoners in the West, the Virus and the Wildfires Are Colliding Threats Tim Arango and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Just Gave Former Inmates a Path To Become Firefighters Edwin Rios, Mother Jones

‘Raise the Age’ Observers Find Progress and Pain in Courts Following Juvenile Justice Reforms Eileen Grench, The City

How Black female prosecutors are challenging the status quo and fighting for reform Rhonda Grimes, ABA Journal

‘A Wilderness of Error’: FX Docuseries On Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case Doesn’t Rush To Judgment Brandon Choe, Deadline

What to Know Before Watching A Wilderness of Error Laura Miller, Slate

AM Stories

Portland’s High Stakes Experiment to Shrink the Role of Police in Fighting Gun Violence Casey Parks, The Trace

Stop Blaming Police Protests for Gun Violence Spikes Brentin Mock, Bloomberg

Five police shootings in Chicago in two months, but no video released on any of them. Is it taking too long for the public to see what happened? Jeremy Gorner and Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune

NYPD Study: Implicit Bias Training Changes Minds, Not Necessarily Behavior Martin Kaste, NPR

Black Police Chiefs, Feeling Squeezed, Face Criticism on All Sides John Eligon, New York Times

It’s Time for a Reckoning About This Foundational Piece of Police Technology Rashida Richardson and Amba Kak, Slate

Police Turn California’s Lynch Law Against Protests James Stout, Slate

Federal Prosecutors Intervene to Charge 2 Over Rochester Protests Ed Shanahan, New York Times

Virginia police charged the state’s top Black legislator with a felony. It’s absurd. Editorial Board, Washington Post

I did Shop With a Cop as a kid. Now I realize it was police propaganda. Arriel Vinson, Vox

The Killing of Breonna Taylor, Part 1 and Part 2 New York Times

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