PM Stories

Oregon fires: evacuated prisoners sleep on floor in packed Covid-19 hotspot Sam Levin, The Guardian

Sixth Oregon inmate dies after positive coronavirus test Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian

‘We sent 500 tests. They don’t answer calls’: Inside ICE’s coronavirus testing disaster Patrick Michels and Laura C. Morel, Reveal

ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to DC protests. A huge coronavirus outbreak followed. Antonio Olivo and Nick Miroff, Washington Post

Missouri Attorney General’s Office Pushes to Keep Innocent People in Prison Emily Hoerner, The Appeal

Long delays for justice in Cook County: ‘I’m not at peace,’ mother of murder victim says Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times

A New Bill Would Stop the Feds From Tossing Drug Defendants in Prison Before They’re Convicted Scott Shackford, Reason

The Impact of Video Proceedings on Fairness and Access to Justice in Court Alicia Bannon and Janna Adelstein, Brennan Center for Justice

Experts Urge Caution as Courts Reopen Via Video Ted Gest, The Crime Report

Felons have the potential to swing close 2020 races Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico

How Counseling Incarcerated Clients Helps Me Heal Lizzie Fatseas, The Marshall Project

AM Stories

Reform the Police? Guess Who Funds My State’s Officials Miriam Pawel, New York Times

Gov. Greg Abbott calls on all Texas candidates to sign pledge against police budget cuts Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

Driving while Black: ABC News analysis of traffic stops reveals racial disparities in several US cities Pierre Thomas, Yun Choi, Jasmine Brown, and Pete Madden, ABC News

Study spotlights racial disparities in state criminal justice system Sarah Betancourt, Commonwealth Magazine

Body-Worn Cameras May Not Affect Police Behavior, Study Finds The Crime Report

What are ‘wandering officers’? Experts break down troubling policing pattern Ashley Capoot, Today

Swept up in the federal response to Portland protests: ‘I didn’t know if I was going to be seen again’ Shawn Boburg, Meg Kelly, and Joyce Sohyun Lee, Washington Post

Salt Lake City Police Shot a 13-Year-Old With Autism. Now They Refuse to Explain Why. Jeremy Stahl, Slate

Over a Dozen Black and Latino Men Accused a Cop of Humiliating, Invasive Strip Searches. The NYPD Kept Promoting Him. Joaquin Sapien, Topher Sanders, and Nate Schweber, ProPublica

It Is Possible to Reform the Police Neil Gross, New York Times

Call police for a woman who is changing clothes in an alley? A new program in Denver sends mental health professionals instead. Elise Schmelzer, Denver Post

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