PM Stories

Mass Shootings Are Soaring, With Black Neighborhoods Hit Hardest Champe Barton, J. Brian Charles, Jennifer Mascia, and Chip Brownlee, The Trace

Gun violence in America: The story of one day and 113 people shot Bonnie Berkowitz and Christine Loman, Washington Post

Gun laws were meant to ban private militants. Now, our hands are tied. Darrell A. H. Miller, Washington Post

Waiting To Be Thrown Out Gaby Del Valle, The Verge

Act now or coronavirus will sentence more prisoners to death, say experts Jessica Glenza, The Guardian

The FIRST STEP Act Has Reduced Prison Terms for More Than 7,000 People Jacob Sullum, Reason

The pandemic is boosting efforts to get the old out of prison The Economist

COVID-19 adds more challenges to reentry after prison: ‘It’s really a whole new game’ Angie Jackson, Detroit Free Press

Fewer jailed and new arrests remain low, says report on Harris County’s bail system Gabrielle Banks, Houston Chronicle

The Beto Effect: Transforming Houston’s Criminal Justice System Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

A Weapon for Extortion Long Ignored in Alabama Prisons: Cellphones Serge F. Kovaleski and Dan Barry, New York Times

Welcome to “Perception Gaps: Locked Up” Samantha Laine Perfas, Christian Science Monitor

AM Stories

Harris: ‘We do have 2 systems of justice in America’ Allie Bice, Politico

Eleventh hour action by California legislators on police reform: What passed – and didn’t Nico Savidge, East Bay Times

California devotes $30 million to aid parolees in pandemic Don Thompson, San Francisco Chronicle

California DA’s new policy to consider looters’ ‘needs’ before charging them Lia Eustachewich, New York Post

Murder charge of ex-San Diego County sheriff’s deputy first in state under new law Greg Moran, San Diego Union-Tribune

NYC to Make Any Deadly Force, Used Wrongly, a Fireable Offense for Police Emilee Larkin, Courthouse News

Lawmakers Propose ‘Bo’s Law’ on Two Year Anniversary of Botham Jean’s Murder (Texas) Diana Zoga, NBC News

Curtis Flowers will finally be freed. Prosecutorial misconduct remains a problem. Vangela M. Wade, Washington Post

Can you trust the police to tell the truth? Reliability under scrutiny as cases tossed Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times

How Covid-19 Amplifies the Failures of Family Court Natalie Pattillo, New York Review of Books

Ohio governor delays more executions amidst drug shortage AP News

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