PM Stories

The Violent Contradiction of California’s Reliance on Incarcerated Firefighters Ray Levy Uyeda, New Republic

California’s Inmate Firefighters May Soon Be Allowed To Continue Their Careers After Release Scott Shackford, Reason

Returning from prison and jail is hard during normal times – it’s even more difficult during COVID-19 Wanda Bertram, Prison Policy Initiative

COVID-19 Death Rate in Prison Twice That of General Population: Study Nancy Bilyeau, The Crime Report

Advocates, inmates memorialize ‘overlooked’ lives lost to coronavirus behind bars Justin Wm. Moyer, Washington Post

California’s federal prisons to lift COVID-19 visitor restriction – and workers are worried Kate Irby, Sacramento Bee

ICE Is Using COVID-19 As An Excuse To Raid Homes & Detain Undocumented People Britni De La Cretaz, Refinery29

ICE arrests 2,000 immigrants in largest sweep of the pandemic Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News

Federal court overturns order blocking ICE arrests in Mass. courthouses Jeremy C. Fox and Shelley Murphy, Boston Globe

How America’s ‘criminal justice complex’ locks up people to feed the beast Phil Kadner, Chicago Sun-Times

Gun Laws Are the Key to Addressing America’s Suicide Crisis Chris Murphy, The Atlantic

The Inside Story of the $8 Million Heist from the Carnegie Library Travis McDade, Smithsonian

Carceral Aesthetics Rachel Kushner, Artforum

AM Stories

Trump Visits Kenosha, Offering Support for Police With Little Mention of Shooting John Eligon, Julie Bosman, and Peter Baker, New York Times

The Streets of Kenosha and the National Stage Emily Witt, The New Yorker

In Kenosha, unrest surfaces history of anti-Blackness and questions about police spending Carlos Ballesteros and Adam Mahoney, Chicago Reader

Kenosha Police Already Had a Reputation Ray Suarez, Slate

As Guns Get Drawn at Protest Sites, Demonstrators Fear a Volatile New Phase Mike Baker, Julie Bosman, and Richard A. Oppel Jr., New York Times

How the Fatal Shooting at a Portland Protest Unfolded Evan Hill, Stella Cooper, Drew Jordan, and Dmitriy Khavin, New York Times

Far-Right Militias Are Learning Impunity From the Cops Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

Justice Department investigates protest leaders, funding in Portland and other cities Kevin Johnson, USA Today

Prosecutors Are Using Gang Laws To Criminalize Protest Ali Winston, The Appeal

Stall tactics. Distractions. Lobbying. How police reform was derailed in California Anita Chabria, Los Angeles Times

Detroit protesters file lawsuit over ‘brutal violence’ from police M. L. Elrick, Detroit Free Press

75-year-old Buffalo man shoved by police speaks out on incident after month in hospital Sarah Taddeo, USA Today

Police Have Learned the Wrong Lessons From the Military Fred Kaplan, Slate

How a New Wave of Black Activists Changed the Conversation Jenna Wortham, New York Times Magazine

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