PM Stories

Suspect Charged With Murder After 2 Shot Dead At Kenosha Protest Sara Boboltz and Andy Campbell, HuffPost

Police in Kenosha shared water, said they ‘appreciate’ armed group before two killed Adam Rogan, Racine Journal Times

Kenosha Police Chief Blames Protesters for Their Own Deaths, Defends Vigilante Groups Jeremy Stahl, Slate

NBA players sit out in protest four years to the day after Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest vs. Green Bay Shanna McCarriston, CBS Sports

The Kenosha shooting didn’t happen in a vacuum Denise Lockwood, CNN

Measurement Matters: The Key to Police Reform Ava J. Abramowitz and Catherine Milton, Lawfare

‘Prosecutors Are Not Exempt from Criticism’ Diana Becton, Satana Deberry, Kim Gardner, Kim Foxx, and Rachael Rollins, Politico

Report details why Louisville police decided to forcibly search Breonna Taylor’s home Andrew Wolfson, Louisville Courier Journal

No Qualified Immunity for Kentucky Cops Who Strip-Searched a 4-Year-Old and Threatened Mom Lenore Skenazy, Reason

Are Looters Undermining The Movement – Or Creating It? Claire Fallon, HuffPost

Anger Can Build a Better World Myisha Cherry, The Atlantic

The Day Malcolm X Was Killed Les Payne, The New Yorker

AM Stories

Hardwired Against Change: Race, Incarceration, and COVID-19 Andrea Armstrong, Just Security

COVID-19 Has Exacerbated the Inequities Inherent in Incarceration Stephanie Angel, Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

The new death penalty: COVID has now killed more US prisoners in months than the US death penalty has in the last two decades Sentencing Law and Policy

A View from the Inside: What It’s Like to Be Incarcerated During COVID-19 Brandon Brown, Vera Institute of Justice

Over the Objections of the Navajo Nation, Trump Prepares to Execute Lezmond Mitchell Liliana Segura, The Intercept

Navajo man asks to halt execution while seeking clemency Michael Balsamo, AP News

The Power of Community Bail Funds Mary Hooks and Jocelyn Simonson, New York Times

Rollins withdraws motion for higher bail in case involving Bail Fund (Massachusetts) Michael Jonas, Commonwealth Magazine

Casualties of the ‘Crack’ Era: Today’s Aging Prisoners Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

‘History Is Corrected’: An Interview with Jerry Mitchell Claudia Dreifus, New York Review of Books

The Prison Within: inside a moving documentary about restorative justice Radheyan Simonpillai, The Guardian

I May Destroy You, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, and the Therapeutic Power of Narrative Jen Chaney, New York Magazine

Toward Criminal Justice Chris Lanier, The Nation

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