PM Stories

The Shooting of Jacob Blake Is a Wake-Up Call David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Amid independent inquiry of Jacob Blake’s shooting, advocates question Wisconsin’s police reviews Kim Bellware, Washington Post

Kenosha, Wis., where a Black man was shot, has long delayed police body cameras Los Angeles Times

When “Police Reform” Came to Kenosha, Wisconsin Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

Shot by cops, thwarted by judges and geography Andrew Chung, Lawrence Hurley, Andrea Januta, Jackie Botts, and Jaimi Dowdell, Reuters

Fired, but still a cop: How Washington state’s decertification process leaves troubled officers with their guns Mike Reicher, Seattle Times

Behind the Portland Protests: A Troubling Record of Police Killings Noelle Crombie and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, The Crime Report

NYPD Expands Use Of Controversial Subpoenas To Criminal Cases Ali Winston, The Appeal

A Black Vice Mayor In Virginia Urged A Police Chief’s Firing. Now She Faces Charges. Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost

How comprehensive police reform can make Americans safer and save money Nicholas Turner, USA Today

“Most Cops Are Good” Aviva Shen, Slate

The Abolition Movement Josie Duffy Rice, Vanity Fair

AM Stories

Prisoners and guards agree about federal coronavirus response: ‘We do not feel safe’ Kim Bellware, Washington Post

CDC: Prison COVID-19 cases undercounted without mass testing Christian Boone, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Portrait Of An Outbreak: How Coronavirus Spread In The Prince George’s County Jail Dorey Scheimer and Meghna Chakrabarti, WBUR

‘We are not animals’: Letter details how Tucson prison became COVID-19 hot spot Alisa Reznick, Arizona Public Media

Psychological Torture: ICE Responds to COVID-19 With Solitary Confinement Carmen Molina Acosta, The Intercept

‘Disgusting policy’: Prisoners’ families must pay for remains after COVID-19 deaths Jason Fagone, San Francisco Chronicle

Congress Must Pass COVID-19 Legislation to Depopulate Jails and Prisons Maritza Perez, Filter Magazine

The RNC Can’t Figure Out Where It Stands on Criminal Justice Reform CJ Ciaramella, Reason

The Loughlin case exposes the justice system’s double standards Sharyl Attkisson, The Hill

Can Prosecutors Be Taught to Avoid Jail Sentences? Tina Rosenberg, New York Times

Want Prosecutorial Reform? Start With Curtailing The Influence Of Police Unions. Miriam Aroni Krinsky and Buta Biberaj, The Appeal

What does an election look like inside a prison? (Vermont) Riley Board, Burlington Free Press

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