PM Stories

‘Severe inhumanity’: California prisons overwhelmed by Covid outbreaks and approaching fires Sam Levin, The Guardian

COVID-19 outbreak at Folsom Prison spreads through 10% of inmates in two weeks Colleen Shalby, Los Angeles Times

Nearly half the population at Michigan prison tests positive for COVID-19 Angie Jackson, Detroit Free Press

‘Who is going to man the prison if everyone tests positive?’ Corrections officer union warns of dual threat facing federal prisons Luke Barr, ABC News

Coalition unveils DA platform aimed at ending mass incarceration in New Orleans Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

A criminal justice reckoning in Maryland Jill P. Carter, Washington Post

Florida Inmates Serving Outdated Drug Sentences Released Early Following Reason Investigation CJ Ciaramella, Reason

John Oliver Shows How Racism Creeps Into Every Part of the Jury Selection Process Rachelle Hampton, Slate

The Enduring, Pernicious Whiteness of True Crime Elon Green, The Appeal

AM Stories

Biden Said, ‘Most Cops Are Good.’ But Progressives Want Systemic Change. Reid J. Epstein and John Eligon, New York Times

Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Don’t Plan To Let A Biden Administration Off The Hook Sanjana Karanth and Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, HuffPost

Some States Are Pushing Laws to Restrict Police Behavior Jacob Gershman, Wall Street Journal

What Does American Police Reform Actually Look Like? Celeste Little, Architectural Digest

Austin’s Vote to “Reimagine” Policing Prompts Threats From State Officials Jordan Smith, The Intercept

Newark went too far with civilian oversight of police, NJ Supreme Court rules Rebecca Panico and Blake Nelson,

Sgt. Mullins Goes to War James D. Walsh, New York Magazine

Complaints against LAPD increased in 2019, but few resulted in discipline Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Police killings in WA should require impartial coroners Daniel Low and Rajneet Lamba, Crosscut

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