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The Blue Budget: What Cities Spend on Police Sinduja Rangarajan, Hannah Levintova, and Laura Thompson, Mother Jones

Texas’ largest cities spend more on police than anything else. Activists want more of those funds spent on the social safety net instead. Mandi Cai and Juan Pablo Garnham, Texas Tribune

Austin City Council votes to cut police department budget by one-third, reinvest money in social services Meena Venkataramanan, Texas Tribune

At Least 13 Cities Are Defunding Their Police Departments Jemima McEvoy, Forbes

US mayors identify police unions as an obstacle to reform Daniel Trotta, Reuters

The Infuriating History of Why Police Unions Have So Much Power Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Protesters Blocked ICE Buses in Oregon. Federal Agents Responded in Force. Mike Baker, New York Times

The Coronavirus Pipeline Anna-Catherine Brigida and Morena Pérez Joachin, Texas Observer

The ICE Facility Where Almost Every Detainee Has Coronavirus (Virginia) Katya Schwenk, The American Prospect

Cuban Man Died of Coronavirus in Private Prison Plagued by Medical Neglect Felipe De La Hoz, The Intercept

As Biden Promises to Rein In Private Prisons, They’re Throwing Money at Republicans Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

Men who wrongly served 36 years for murder sue Baltimore police, detectives, alleging pattern of misconduct Tom Jackman, Washington Post

The Disparate Financial Impact of the American Justice System Laura Bliss, Bloomberg

AM Stories

The Window for Major Police Reform Might Be Closing Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

Cities Weigh Cutting Police Budgets and Discover How Hard That Is Heather Gillers and Andrea Fuller, Wall Street Journal

California voters overwhelmingly support sweeping police reforms, new poll finds Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Defund the LAPD? At this pace, it would take 20 years to hit Black Lives Matter’s goal David Zahniser, Adam Elmahrek, and Priya Krishnakumar, Los Angeles Times

After the protests, lingering trauma: the scars of ‘non-lethal’ weapons Oscar Schwartz, The Guardian

Why are America’s Women Police Chiefs Resigning? Dorothy Schulz, The Crime Report

The Junk Science Cops Use to Decide You’re Lying Jordan Smith, The Intercept

How does technology fit into calls for police reform? Matt Reynolds, ABA Journal

Why Social Workers Cannot Work With Police Lori James-Townes, Slate

CBS Studios Selects Police-Reform Advisers for Cop, Legal Dramas Tim Baysinger, The Wrap

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