PM Stories

How California reduced its inmate population to a 30-year low Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle

Even in Pandemic, Prison Releases Pose Political Risk Marisa Lagos, KQED

Split 5 to 4, Supreme Court Rules for California Jail Over Virus Measures Adam Liptak, New York Times

San Quentin faces California’s deadliest prison outbreak after latest COVID fatalities Abené Clayton, The Guardian

My Friend Died in San Quentin Due to COVID-19. His Death Was Entirely Preventable. Adnan Khan, The Appeal

More than 500 inmates at Arizona prison test positive for COVID-19, according to corrections officials April Siese, CBS News

Woman asked for compassionate release. The prison refused. She just died of COVID-19 Carli Teproff, Miami Herald

Punishment by Pandemic Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

Progressives Score New Wins in Prosecutor Elections, Adding to the Movement’s Breadth Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

The progressive prosecutors blazing a new path for the US justice system Daniel A. Medina, The Guardian

Gov. Kim Reynolds signs executive order restoring felon voting rights, removing Iowa’s last-in-the-nation status Stephen Gruber-Miller and Ian Richardson, Des Moines Register

Oregon Could Become The First State To Decriminalize Drugs Paul Blumenthal, HuffPost

Federal court rules not all Colorado drug convictions can lead to deportation, prevent green card approval Jesse Paul, Colorado Sun

Inside ‘Immigration Nation,’ the Netflix docuseries ICE didn’t want you to see Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times

Netflix Targets the ‘World’s Most Wanted’ Criminals Nick Schager, Daily Beast

The Making of a Molotov Cocktail Lisa Miller, New York Magazine

AM Stories

Trump After Portland Peter Nicholas, The Atlantic

The Constitutional Case Against Trump’s Use of the Department of Homeland Security Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Federal Forces in Chicago The New Yorker

I’m the Police Chief in Portland. Violence Isn’t the Answer. Chuck Lovell, New York Times

US prosecutors do not charge Portland protesters with antifa ties Mark Hosenball, Reuters

Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity: ‘Let us waste no time in righting this wrong’ Jamie Ehrlich and Ariane de Vogue, CNN

Amnesty International Documents 125 Incidents Of Police Violence Against Protesters Laurel Wamsley, NPR

The Police Lie. All the Time. Can Anything Stop Them? Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

To Cut Police Budgets, Start In Public Schools Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, The Appeal

The AFL-CIO’s Untenable Stance on Cops Kim Kelly, New Republic

Did Officials Ignore the Obvious in Elijah McClain’s Death? Alan Prendergast, Westword

Philly police actions on 52nd Street under investigation, but distrust of cops keeps some witnesses silent Jason Laughlin and Jeremy Roebuck, Philadelphia Inquirer  

Colorado police apologize over viral video of officers handcuffing Black girls in a mistaken stop Teo Armus, Washington Post

In Albany, marijuana arrests fall almost entirely on Black residents Steve Hughes, Albany Times-Union

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