CRIME STORY is a digital forum where criminal justice and storytelling meet. We aim to appeal to justice and crime story addicts who crave material that is BOTH smart and serious-minded AND engaging and entertaining.

Through print and mixed-media reporting, expert commentary and podcast series, we will present stories about crimes and trials that compellingly explore the functions (and dysfunctions) of the US criminal justice system. We will analyze the intentions, biases and effectiveness of current crime narratives in the way they are commonly presented.

This is a daily aggregation of Internet links to the best, most provocative stories on crime and criminal justice available online.

The Journal is the editorial section of the Crime Story site. Our editorial content consists of three sub-sections…

Where our journalists report on the Los Angeles criminal justice system – stories that explore the human element of criminal justice in the City of Angels. In the spirit of the New Journalism as defined by Tom Wolfe, the reporting here will be vigorous, empathic and intensely personal. Factual, always. Detached, never.

Where our editorial team attempts to make sense of, and offer perspective on, the most important crime and criminal justice stories (both national and local) of the day.

Where we highlight the voices and opinions of individuals with interesting and unique perspectives on crime stories and criminal justice narratives. Our commentators include screenwriters and jurists, politicians and crime novelists, activists and advocates. These entries will take the form of opinion pieces, incisive features, and in-depth interviews.

Under our JUSTICE banner, our editorial team will conduct comprehensive explorations of issues and developments related to inequity and bias in the justice system, including mass incarceration of African-American males, racial profiling and political activism, as well as current initiatives and legislation aimed at criminal justice reform.

Simply put, our podcasts are extended, focused conversations about crime storytelling in all its forms. We will interview audio-visual and literary storytellers about how they shape crime and trial stories for audiences, as well as with criminal justice experts about how they present compelling narratives to jurors and judges. Our podcasts will also engage with our CRIME STORY journalists and commentators in order to discuss ongoing crime and trial stories that they are covering, as well as larger, related criminal justice issues.

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