PM Stories

Federal prisons reach grim milestone: 100 inmate deaths from coronavirus Clare Hymes, CBS News

Florida prison COVID spike: ‘They are just issuing death sentences’ Samantha J. Gross, Tampa Bay Times

‘Free them all’: Protesters chained to California governor’s home as coronavirus deaths mount Desert Sun

COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Humanitarian Crisis Inside US Prisons Heather Schoenfeld, Undark

Routine Beatings of Inmates in Alabama Prisons Go Ignored, US Says Neil Vigdor, New York Times

Your Local Jail May Be A House of Horrors Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

My sister Layleen Polanco died alone in Rikers. Solitary confinement is torture. Melania Brown, NBC News

How COVID-19 Jail Releases Are Impacting US Crime Rate Masood Farivar, Voice of America

Visualizing the racial disparities in mass incarceration Wendy Sawyer, Prison Policy Initiative

How is the use of predictive analytics in the criminal justice system negatively impacting Black defendants? Henry Awere, Medium

New data tools show how unjust the criminal justice system really is for Black New Orleanians John Stanton, Gambit

We hope to finally repeal mandatory minimum sentences this summer (New Jersey) Sandra Cunningham and Nellie Pou, Newark Star-Ledger

Will The Reckoning Over Racist Names Include These Prisons? Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

A&E Has Lost Half Its Viewers Since Dropping ‘Live PD’ Joe Flint, Wall Street Journal

How “Memorial Drive” Tries to Make Sense of a Mother’s Murder Katy Waldman, The New Yorker

When the Bad Guys Are Everywhere Josephine Livingstone, New Republic

AM Stories

The Bloody, Manufactured Crisis in Portland Alex Shephard, New Republic

Barr Defends Deploying Federal Agents to Protests in Showdown With House Democrats Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

In Portland’s So-Called War Zone, It’s the Troops Who Provide the Menace Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

The federal police in Portland don’t even understand what ‘arrests’ are Andrew Manuel Crespo, Washington Post

National Guard Officer Says Police Used ‘Excessive’ Force at White House Clash Catie Edmondson, New York Times

Real police reform begins with Lafayette Square Radley Balko, Washington Post

The Police Answer to Us. What Will We Do About It? Chesa Boudin, New York Times

How Police Unions Fight Reform William Finnegan, The New Yorker

LAPD Expands Community-Based Approach to Policing Nathan Solis, Courthouse News

African American mayors lay out plan for police reform without ‘defunding’ Tom Jackman, Washington Post

Shot Twice in the Back: A Case Tests the ‘Fleeing Felon’ Defense Maria Cramer, New York Times

Claiming Self-Defense Isn’t a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card Eric Ruben, Brennan Center for Justice

When the Shootings Don’t Stop Champe Barton, J. Brian Charles, Lakeidra Chavis, Ann Givens, and Daniel Nass, The Trace

In Minneapolis, Armed Residents Set Up Patrols Amid Calls to Defund the Police Joe Barrett, Wall Street Journal

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