PM Stories

Decarceration and Crime During COVID-19 ACLU

Step Up Investigations of Prisons, Prosecutors Told Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

Inside San Quentin prison, you sit and wait until COVID-19 comes for you Joe Garcia, Washington Post

As COVID-19 Ravages California’s Death Row, the State Attorney General Fights to Keep It Packed Lara Bazelon, Slate

Why NYS is releasing so few inmates during the pandemic Natasha Haverty, NPR

‘It’s apparent that they’re failing’: As Florida inmate deaths soar, families feel dread Samantha J. Gross, Miami Herald

No Masks, No Gloves, a Single Room for Sleeping – Detainees Describe Life In ICE Detention During the Pandemic Valerie Schenkman, The Intercept

Inmates witnessed a suicide attempt. They received coloring pages instead of counseling. Eileen Guo, Washington Post

Ohio’s prisons director confirms she has COVID-19 Rick Rouan, Columbus Dispatch

Coronavirus Pandemic Sparks Movement To Rethink Incarceration Sarah Gonzalez, NPR

We Must Not Exchange One Cage for Another – Let’s Abolish All Forms of Prisons James Kilgore, Truthout

Less Punishment, More Justice David Cole, New York Review of Books

Black crime fiction writers are ready for change Milan Polk, Chicago Tribune

How Photographer Gordon Parks Examined the Racism Embedded in the Criminal Justice System Miss Rosen, Time

What It’s Like To Spend A Decade Hunting A Serial Killer On The Internet Amanda Whiting, Bustle

AM Stories

Trump’s Dangerous Attempt to Create a Federal Police Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

A Judge Won’t Force Federal Officers In Portland To Identify Themselves When Making Arrests Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

We’re police officers. You should know our names. That goes for Portland, too. Patrick Skinner, Washington Post

Videos Show How Federal Officers Escalated Violence in Portland Ainara Tiefenthäler, Evan Hill, Drew Jordan, Malachy Brown, and David Botti, New York Times

Feds use tear gas to try to disperse Portland protesters Gillian Flaccus and Sara Cline, USA Today

Fractured skulls, lost eyes: Police break their own rules when shooting protesters with ‘rubber bullets’ Liz Szabo, Jay Hancock, Kevin McCoy, Donovan Slack, and Dennis Wagner, USA Today

Officers Struck By Projectiles, Protesters Shot With “Nonlethal” Rounds (Los Angeles) City News Service

Dozens Arrested in Seattle as Protests Erupt Across Country Energized by Portland Clashes Daniel Politi, Slate

Top NYPD chief says cops ‘shouldn’t be afraid’ of accidentally breaking city’s anti-chokehold law because NYC district attorneys won’t prosecute Stephen Rex Brown, Rocco Parascandola, and John Annese, New York Daily News

Federal Judge Blocks Release Of NYPD Misconduct Records, Orders NYCLU To Keep Records Secret Christopher Robbins and George Joseph, Gothamist

What Can Happen When The Police Are Asked To Respond To A Mental Health Crisis In DC? Patch

The worst-case scenario Hannah Dreier, Washington Post

How Will The Black Lives Matter Movement Influence True Crime? Sarah Weinman, BuzzFeed News

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