PM Stories

The deeply dangerous rush to resume federal executions David Cole, CNN

The Capricious Execution of Daniel Lewis Lee Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

US set to execute Dustin Honken; 3rd federal death this week Danielle Haynes, UPI

From meth to murder: How a small-town Iowa boy became the state’s first death row inmate in 50 years Courtney Crowder and Tyler J. Davis, Des Moines Register

A Dispatch From Federal Death Row Billie J. Allen, The Marshall Project

What’s the Opposite of Punishment? Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

All migrant children must be released from US detention by Friday because of coronavirus. Some parents fear that could mean separation Jazmine Ulloa, Boston Globe

He Was Praised on the Senate Floor as a Model DACA Recipient. Now He’s in Detention – With COVID-19. Fernanda Echavarri, Mother Jones

How US immigration policy spreads COVID-19 across the nation and world Madeleine Brand, KCRW

Psychiatrist: America’s ‘Extremely Punitive’ Prisons Make Mental Illness Worse Dave Davies, NPR

For people leaving prison, rebuilding a life is hard even without a pandemic Cynthia A. Golembeski, PBS

Supreme Court deals blow to felons in Florida seeking to regain the right to vote Amy Gardner and Lori Rozsa, Washington Post

The Supreme Court Just Stopped 1 Million Floridians From Voting in November Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

How a middle school principal used the Ocasio-Cortez playbook against a 16-term incumbent Jada Yuan, Washington Post

Jamaal Bowman Wants Democrats to Be the “Party of Dismantling Mass Incarceration” Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

AM Stories

Assessing the State of Police Reform Kenny Lo, Center for American Progress

The State Where Protests Have Already Forced Major Police Reform Russell Berman, The Atlantic

Pennsylvania police reform bills become law Christen Smith, Washington Examiner 

With bipartisan and union support, Gov. Tom Wolf signs a law creating a statewide police misconduct database Vinny Vella, Philadelphia Inquirer

Berkeley City Officials Approve Major Police Reform Actions Emilie Raguso, KQED

Berkeley Will Become 1st US City To Remove Police From Traffic Stops Rachel Sandler, Forbes

Governor signs criminal justice bill banning chokeholds, modifying bail reform (New Hampshire) Mike Cronin and Jean Mackin, WMUR

Use of chokeholds outlawed as NYC mayor signs police reform bills ABC New York

Sweeping police reform bill that passed state Senate draws swift condemnation from police unions John R. Ellement and Gal Tziperman Lotan, Boston Globe 

We Reviewed Police Tactics Seen in Nearly 400 Protest Videos. Here’s What We Found. Talia Buford, Lucas Waldron, Moiz Syed, and Al Shaw, ProPublica

NYPD Says It Used Restraint During Protests. Here’s What the Videos Show. Allison McCann, Blacki Migliozzi, Andy Newman, Larry Buchanan, and Aaron Byrd, New York Times

Video Shows Cop Punching Man on Manhattan Subway. DA Vance Charges Rider With Assault. Rosa Goldensohn, The City

Weeks Later, 500 People Still Face Charges for Peacefully Protesting in Minneapolis Julia Lurie, Mother Jones

87 Face Felony Charges After Protesting Breonna Taylor’s Death Jacey Fortin and Allyson Waller, New York Times

Leaked Documents Show Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were the Real Threat at Protests, not “Antifa” Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept

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