PM Stories

Government Carries Out First Federal Execution in 17 Years Hailey Fuchs, New York Times

In overnight orders, justices allow federal execution to proceed SCOTUSblog

The Supreme Court’s Late-Night Death Penalty Decision Isn’t Just Cruel. It’s Legally Indefensible. Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Killing in Our Name During a Deadly Pandemic Andrew Cohen, New York Magazine

As COVID-19 Permeates Prisons And Jails, Baltimore Defendants Continue To Be Held Without Bail Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

Women say life is ‘like a scary movie’ as coronavirus spreads in Fort Worth prison Kaley Johnson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Yo Gotti and Jay-Z Sue Mississippi Officials Amid Massive COVID-19 Outbreak In Parchman Prison Joshua Espinoza, Complex

Prison CEOs Say They Had No Clue Guards Pepper-Sprayed Hundreds of Immigration Detainees Noah Lanard, Mother Jones

US reopening immigration courts despite pleas to wait during coronavirus surge Los Angeles Times

Coronavirus slows pace of justice to crawl in New Orleans, frustrating victims and defendants alike Matt Sledge,

Three corporations backing a California initiative to incarcerate more people Judd Legum, Popular Information

A Teenager Didn’t Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention. Jodi S. Cohen, ProPublic

How Not to Deal With Murder in Space Sam Kean, Slate

A Real-Life Debate — Not A True Crime Story — Inspired The Twelve Sarah Midkiff, Refinery29

‘Above Suspicion’: Film Review Guy Lodge, Variety

What Was the Problem With ‘Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas’? Dave Itzkoff, New York Times

AM Stories

Police Violence Is State Violence David M. Kennedy, Niskanen Center

Police Reform Is Only the Beginning Adam Harris, The Atlantic

The BREATHE Act would defund police – and fund environmental justice Angely Mercado, Grist

Black Lives Matter Targets Los Angeles District Attorney Sara Randazzo and Alicia A. Caldwell, Wall Street Journal

He Beat Trump and Weinstein. Why Is This DA’s Standing Still Shaky? Jan Ransom, New York Times

How a Key Federal Civil Rights Agency Was Sidelined as Historic Protests Erupted AC Thompson and Robert Faturechi, ProPublica

A Texas Referendum Provides an Early Window Into Battles Over Police Budgets James Russell, The Appeal

The Texas lawmakers who led the Sandra Bland Act are pushing to reinstate the police reforms stripped from their original bill Jolie McCullough and Cassandra Pollock, Texas Tribune

Majority of Public Favors Giving Civilians the Power to Sue Police Officers for Misconduct Pew Research Center 

On a DC street beset by gun violence, calls to fix policing, not defund it Peter Hermann and Clarence Williams, Washington Post 

Police Reform: Don’t Ignore America’s Small-Town Cops Thomas Mrozla, The Crime Report

“I Can’t Breathe.” It Happens at Schools, Too. Jennifer Smith Richards and Jodi S. Cohen, ProPublica/Chicago Tribune 

Partially blinded by police Meg Kelly, Joyce Sohyun Lee, and Jon Swaine, Washington Post

More bad apples? Baltimore confronts yet another allegation of police abuse. Jean Marbella and Jonathan M. Pitts, Baltimore Sun

San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Is Charged With Second-Degree Murder Jenny Gross, New York Times

Philly’s police union says it didn’t invite Proud Boys to a Pence after-party. It didn’t ask them to leave, either. Jeremy Roebuck, Ellie Rushing, and Oona Goodin-Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer

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