PM Stories

Inside The Prison Where 8 In 10 Of The Incarcerated Have Gotten Coronavirus (Ohio) Jessica Schulberg, Huffington Post

Freed From Prison, Dead from COVID-19, Not Even Counted Joseph Neff and Dan Kane, The Marshall Project

They’ve been granted parole. So why can it take years for them to get out of prison? Jenifer B. McKim, Boston Globe

As COVID-19 flares behind bars, now’s not the time for more Terre Haute executions Nina T. Harawa, Indianapolis Star

With ‘judges judging judges,’ rogues on the bench have little to fear Michael Berens and John Shiffman, Reuters

Want to Reform the Criminal Justice System? Focus on Prosecutors Joyce White Vance, Time

New Initiative to Focus on Prosecutors and Race The Crime Report

What the ‘black-on-black crime’ fallacy misses about race and gun deaths Shirley Carswell, Washington Post

How ICE Exported the Coronavirus Emily Kassie and Barbara Marcolini, The Marshall Project

It’s Time to Create a Right to an Immigration Attorney Bill Ong Hing, Slate

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Native American Rights in Oklahoma Jack Healy and Adam Liptak, New York Times

Neil Gorsuch Affirms That Treaties With Tribal Nations Are the Law Nick Martin, New Republic

Who Owns Oklahoma? (2018) Garrett Epps, The Atlantic

‘Million Book Project’ to bring literature to 1,000 US prisons Sarah Calams, CorrectionsOne

Incarcerated Artists Are Making Some of Today’s Most Important Art. A Powerful New Book Explains Why. Alex Greenberger, ARTnews

Q&A: Oakland Architect Deanna Van Buren Is Building a World Without Prisons Violet Rawlings, Ms. Magazine

AM Stories

New Transcripts Detail Last Moments for George Floyd Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Kim Barker, New York Times

Trump has tried to claim Democrats want to eliminate police. Americans aren’t buying it. Philip Bump, Washington Post

The Deep Roots – and New Offshoots – of ‘Abolish the Police’ Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, Politico Magazine

Abolition Isn’t Only About Police Rosie Gillies, Boston Review

Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice? (2013) Paul Tullis, New York Times Magazine

Reform vs. Rebuild: Defunding Law Enforcement in Texas Michael Barajas, Texas Observer

Clout of Minneapolis Police Union Boss Reflects National Trend Douglas Belkin, Kris Maher, and Deanna Paul, Wall Street Journal

De Blasio holds off approving police reform legislation following outrage from NYPD brass Shant Shahrigian, New York Daily News

State Attorney General Calls for Stripping NYPD Control From Mayor Ali Watkins, New York Times 

Ending police violence begins with cutting Pentagon money, militarization program Wayne McElrath and Mandy Smithberger, USA Today

Rifles, mine-resistant vehicles, robots: How Colorado police have used a federal program to stockpile military gear John Ingold, Colorado Sun

Only Policing Probe Launched By Trump DOJ Finds ‘Routine’ Excessive Force, Lying Ryan J. Reilly, Huffington Post

Don’t overlook one of the most brutal and unnecessary parts of policing: Police dogs Christy E. Lopez, Washington Post

Study Finds ‘Persistent’ Racial Bias in Police Traffic Stops and Searches Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

The Nation’s First Reparations Package to Survivors of Police Torture Included a Public Memorial. Survivors Are Still Waiting. Logan Jaffe, ProPublica

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