PM Stories

San Quentin Prison Was Free of the Virus. One Decision Fueled an Outbreak. Timothy Williams and Rebecca Griesbach, New York Times

‘Incarceration Should Not Mean a Death Sentence’: Advocates Want a Plan to Stop COVID-19 Spread in San Quentin Lakshmi Sarah, Sara Hossaini, and Kate Wolffe, KQED

UC health experts: San Quentin coronavirus outbreak could pose threat to entire Bay Area Jason Fagone and Megan Cassidy, San Francisco Chronicle

What Ohio’s COVID-19 Outbreaks Can Teach California Prisons Heather Harris, Prison Policy Institute of California

Federal Executions to Resume Amid a Pandemic and Protests Hailey Fuchs, New York Times

Thousands of US judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench Michael Berens and John Shiffman, Reuters

Budget Cuts May Keep Rikers Open Past 2027 Deadline Jonathan Ben-Menachem, The Appeal

Their Unlikely Alliance Began at Whataburger. Can They Reform a Texas Jail? Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

Why Is The DOJ Trying To Send The Mack Brothers Back To Prison? Kevin Ring, Above the Law

The FBI Agents Who Return Stolen Cultural Artifacts Amber Dance, The Atlantic

Tie a Tourniquet on Your Heart Diana Moskovitz, Popula

AM Stories

Protests Prompt Policing Changes, But Skeptics Doubt They Will Be Enough Lindsay Van Ness, PEW

Addressing Misconduct Will Require A Change in Police Culture. Is Police Leadership Up To The Challenge? Karen Collins Rice and Seth Stoughton, Talking Points Memo

What Policing Costs Vera Institute of Justice

Why the $6 Billion NYPD Is Now a Target of ‘Defund the Police’ Michael Schwirtz and Ali Watkins, New York Times

New York City mayor seeks $1 billion police cut amid City Hall protest PBS

De Blasio Vows to End Solitary Confinement in New York City Jails Deanna Paul, Wall Street Journal

I’ve Reported on How Chicago’s Ticketing System Has Hurt Black Residents. Now, the Conversation About Reform Is Changing. Melissa Sanchez, ProPublica

Blacks are only 7% of the Bay Area, but 27% of those killed by police Thomas Peele, David Debolt, Robert Salonga, and Nate Gartrell, San Jose Mercury News

She hasn’t charged a cop for a fatal shooting in 27 years. Amid protests, election nears. (Florida) David Ovalle and David Smiley, Miami Herald

There Are 93 US Attorneys. Seven Are Women And Only Two Are Black. Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

The FBI has a history of targeting black activists. That’s still true today Mike German, The Guardian

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