PM Stories

Supreme Court clears way for federal executions to resume Richard Wolf, USA Today

Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to new federal death penalty procedure Robert Barnes and Mark Berman, Washington Post

Golden State Killer pleads guilty to murders and other crimes that terrorized California Paige St. John and Luke Money, Los Angeles Times

A prison sentence of life without parole isn’t called the death penalty. But it should be. Peter Irons, NBC News

San Quentin: Covid-19 cases at California prison surge to 1,000 Abené Clayton and Mario Koran, The Guardian

San Quentin State Prison is ‘deep area of focus and concern’ in California: Nearly one-third of inmates have coronavirus Jordan Culver, USA Today

507 inmates test positive for COVID-19 in Fresno Jail, 25 officers as well (California) Jim Guy, Fresno Bee

Lockdown In Lockup: A Prisoner At Sing Sing On Life During The COVID-19 Crisis Mohammed Monsuri and Daniel A. Gross, NPR

San Quentin’s Breakthrough Prison Newsroom Emily Nonko, Politico Magazine

Pandemic Paves Way for Decarceration Daniel Munczek Edelman, The Progressive

Keeping Released Prisoners Safe and Sane Mark Kanning, The New Yorker

How Dollar Stores Became Magnets for Crime and Killing Alec MacGillis, ProPublica

A DNA Mix-Up Involving a Washing Machine Kept a Man in Jail for 3 Years Heather Murphy, New York Times

AM Stories

Three Words. 70 Cases. The Tragic History of ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ Mike Baker, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Manny Fernandez, and Michael LaForgia, New York Times

Police chiefs and mayors push for reform. Then they run into veteran officers, unions and ‘how culture is created.’ Kimberly Kindy and Mark Berman, Washington Post

‘Which Officers Should Be Laid Off First?’ Zack Stanton, Politico Magazine

Minneapolis City Council Advances Plan to Abolish Police Department Joe Barrett, Wall Street Journal

The Black Officer Who Detained George Floyd Had Pledged to Fix the Police Kim Barker, New York Times

Major Cities Wrestle With Proposals to End School Policing CJ Ciaramella, Reason

After Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing, Georgia Governor Signs Hate Crimes Legislation Jason Slotkin, NPR

With a signature, Ga. no longer 1 of 4 states without hate-crimes law Maya T. Prabhu, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Policing the World Andrew Lanham, Boston Review

What Law Did We Break? Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept

America Has a Secret Police Problem Matt Ford, New Republic

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