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House passes broad police reform legislation in wake of George Floyd’s killing Felicia Sonmez, Paul Kane, and Rhonda Colvin, Washington Post

Police Groups Wield Strong Influence in Congress, Resisting the Strictest Reforms Luke Broadwater and Catie Edmondson, New York Times

Defund-the-police calls aren’t going away. But what do they mean practically? Tracey Meares, Phillip Atiba Goff, and Tom R. Tyler, NBC News

Both parties’ police reform bills are underwhelming. Here’s why. Radley Balko, Washington Post

The Coronavirus Crisis Inside Prisons Won’t Stay Behind Bars Editorial Board, New York Times

Failing Grades: States’ Responses to COVID-19 in Jails & Prisons Emily Widra and Dylan Hayre, Prison Policy Initiative

10 Races that Could Totally Change Courts, Cops and Drug Law in 2020 Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, Politico Magazine

Washington Sheriff Faces Recall Efforts for Endangering Public Health Jessica Pishko, The Appeal

The People Arrested for Protesting Police Are In Danger Philip V. McHarris, Slate

Periods Are a Source of Abuse for Protesters in Police Custody Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Newsweek

Where Bail Funds Go From Here Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker

Bail Funds, Flush With Cash, Learn to ‘Grind Through This Horrible Process’ Nicholas Kulish, New York Times

AM Stories

House to vote on sweeping police reform package that would ban chokeholds, end qualified immunity after George Floyd death Christal Hayes, USA Today

Qualified Immunity Protection for Police Emerges as Flash Point Amid Protests Hailey Fuchs, New York Times

My Family Saw a Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween. Then I Learned How NYPD Immunity Works. Eric Umansky, ProPublica

Revealed: police unions spend millions to influence policy in biggest US cities Tom Perkins, The Guardian

‘No Cop Money’ Pledge Should Extend to Consultants and Law Enforcement Super PACs Adam Eichen and Andrew Perez, The Appeal

Abusive Cops Keep Their Jobs Through Arbitration Courthouse News

9 Departments and Multiple Infractions for One New Jersey Police Officer Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times

DC’s Bad Cops List Is Shrouded in Secrecy – and Could Be Impacting Criminal Cases Anna Merlan, Vice

Fired Philadelphia cop’s legal fate remains in limbo 2½ years after he fatally shot an unarmed black man Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Inquirer

A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege. It’s Already Being Tested. Caitlin Dickerson, New York Times

LA County Board Considers Reallocating Jail Funding, New 911 System Elizabeth Marcellino, City News Service

“In One Day, We Became the Worst Things in the Country” Christina Cauterucci, Slate

What is kettling? Here’s a look into the usage and history of the controversial police tactic Wyatte Grantham-Philips, Tyler J. Davis, and Nick Coltrain, USA Today

De Blasio’s Fireworks Crackdown Is the Same Violent “Quality of Life” Policing That Got Us Here in the First Place Natasha Lennard, The Intercept

What would defunding the police really look like? These artists have a vision Eddie Kim, Mel Magazine

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