PM Stories

The Hidden Constitutional Costs of the Carceral System Tahir Duckett, The Atlantic

Rural Communities of Color Left Behind by Justice Reforms: Paper The Crime Report

Hold Prosecutors Accountable, Too Kate Levine and Joanna Schwartz, Boston Review

California DA threatens whistleblower complaint against public defender over protest blog posts Radley Balko, Washington Post

NY’s Legal Limbo: Pandemic Creates Backlog of 39,200 Criminal Cases Alan Feuer, Nicole Hong, Benjamin Weiser, and Jan Ransom, New York Times

COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing in San Quentin, Corcoran prisons (California) Nate Gartrell, San Jose Mercury News

These Political Candidates Are Embracing Their Criminal Records Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

How the ‘Collateral Consequences’ of Conviction Can Last a Lifetime Cynthia A. Golembeski, The Crime Report

Death row inmates have constitutional rights, too Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Our First Authoritarian Crackdown Brenda Wineapple, New York Review of Books

A Racist Attack Was Caught on Camera. Nearly 45 Years Later, It Still Stings. Whitney Hurst, Christiaan Triebert, Jonah M. Kessel, and Jeff Bernier, New York Times

AM Stories

How Defund and Disband Became the Demands Amna A. Akbar, New York Review of Books

Defund police? Some cities have already started, investing in mental health instead Lindsay Schnell, USA Today

“The Plight of the Fight”: A View from Atlanta After the Killing of Rayshard Brooks Charles Bethea, The New Yorker

Police Decisions Are Scrutinized After Rayshard Brooks’s Fatal Encounter Richard Fausset and Shaila Dewan, New York Times

Killing of George Floyd shows that years of police reform fall far short Andy Mannix, Minneapolis Star Tribune

How Do the Police Actually Spend Their Time? Jeff Asher and Ben Horwitz, New York Times

Why Was a Grim Report on Police-Involved Deaths Never Released? Mara Gay, New York Times

The NYPD Paid $4.5 Million for a Bias Trainer. She Says She’s Not the Solution. Jeremy Stahl, Slate

Black Lives Matter’s Years of Pressure Paved Way for Sudden Police Overhaul Arian Campo-Flores and Joshua Jamerson, Wall Street Journal

Colorado passes sweeping police reform bill Li Cohen, CBS News

Memphis police department to stop using no-knock warrants Adrian Sainz, AP News

A Labor Council Has Expelled Seattle’s Police Union. Good. Billy Binion, Reason

Officer Brett Hankison being fired from Louisville police after Breonna Taylor shooting Darcy Costello and Tessa Duvall, Louisville Courier Journal

America’s Criminal Justice System and Me Ishmael Reed, New York Times

Seeing Police Brutality Then and Now Nell Painter, The New Yorker

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