PM Stories

Trump Fires US Attorney in New York Who Investigated His Inner Circle Alan Feuer, Katie Benner, Ben Protess, Maggie Haberman, William K. Rashbaum, Nicole Hong, and Benjamin Weiser, New York Times

In the crisis at Justice, impartial rule of law is on the line Stuart M. Gerson, Washington Post

Why Bill Barr Got Rid of Geoffrey Berman Paul Rosenzweig, The Atlantic

Incarcerated Women: Forgotten Victims of COVID-19 Krystin Roehl and Jesse Kelley, The Crime Report

Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket at Bay Area Prison After Inmate Transfers Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

As Use of Solitary Confinement Surges, Advocates Call for Releasing Prisoners Joshua Manson, The Appeal

No Money, No Lawyer, No Justice Kathryn Joyce, New Republic

States Are Putting Teenagers in Debt and Destroying Their Families Matthew Shaer, Slate

College Programs in Prisons Go Remote Lilah Burke, Inside Higher Ed

True Crime Thriller ‘Eugene’ Tackles Trans Issues in Black and White Ben Croll, Variety

Ottessa Moshfegh’s Latest Is a Murder Mystery, but Where’s the Body? Dwight Garner, New York Times

AM Stories

Defunding police and prisons: a primer Stephen F. Ostertag, The Lens

Judges Must Also Be Centered in Demands to Defund and Divest From Mass Criminalization Gina Clayton-Johnson, The Appeal

Philly budget deal cancels $19 million increase in police funding, moves another $14 million elsewhere Laura McCrystal, Philadelphia Inquirer

Portland City Council Votes to Cut $15 Million From Police Budget Jay Willis, The Appeal

Illinois Supreme Court rules older Chicago police misconduct records should remain available to public Jeremy Gorner, John Byrne, and Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune

Prosecutors charge police, push reforms amid Floyd protests Alanna Durkin Richer and Michael Tarm, AP News

I Was Mayor of Minneapolis. I Know Why Police Reforms Fail. RT Rybak, The Atlantic

Congress Is Going to Have to Repeal Qualified Immunity Eric Schnurer, The Atlantic

The Police Can’t Shake Their Persecution Complex Libby Watson, New Republic

The ‘Warrior Cop’ Is a Toxic Mentality. And a Lucrative Industry. Alain Stephens, The Trace

In Minneapolis, Looking for Police Recruits Who Can Resist Warrior Culture John Eligon and Dan Levin, New York Times

One reason for police violence? Too many men with badges. Rosa Brooks, Washington Post

Rayshard Brooks Wanted the Criminal Justice System to Change Before He Was Fatally Shot by Police Jewel Wicker, Teen Vogue

Not Just “Cops”: It’s Time to End the Entertainment Industry’s Anti-Black, Pro-Police Programming Rich Benjamin, The Intercept

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