PM Stories

Punishment by Pandemic (Arkansas) Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker

Birmingham District Attorney Says Alabama Man Who Has Spent Over Two Decades on Death Row Should Get New Trial Lauren Gill, The Appeal

Why did the US Supreme Court let Missouri execute Walter Barton? It’s a mystery Dylan Hosmer-Quint, Kansas City Star

Second Tennessee execution stayed over coronavirus concerns; Byron Black’s date set for April 2021 Mariah Timms, Nashville Tennessean

Florida grand juries are still suspended, stalling murder cases, police shooting probes David Ovalle, Miami Herald

Minnesota grants state’s first posthumous pardon to black man in 1920 case that led to lynchings CBS News

Law Professor On Misdemeanor Offenses And Racism In The Criminal System Christianna Silva, NPR

Shining a Light on Life Behind Bars Adria Watson, The Marshall Project

Jails, Justice and Mental Health Dane Stallone, The Crime Report

AM Stories

When It Works to ‘Defund the Police’ Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

Calls to Defund Police Gain Traction Across US Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

Cities May Have No Choice But to Defund the Police Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

The Police’s “Sheepdog” Problem Jasper Craven, New Republic

Do Police Officers Make Schools Safer or More Dangerous? Dana Goldstein, New York Times

Minnesota governor endorses package of sweeping police changes Reis Thebault, Washington Post

Louisville passes ban on no-knock warrants after Breonna Taylor’s death Justin Carissimo and Audrey McNamara, CBS News

Free Food, Free Speech and Free of Police: Inside Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone’ Mike Baker, New York Times

Freeing Protest From the Language Police John Patrick Leary, New Republic

Unbundle the Police Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

How to Change Lethal Force Rules for Police Austin Sarat, The Bulwark

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