PM Stories

Our False Promise of Justice Rylee Sommers-Flanagan, Democracy Journal

There’s overwhelming evidence that the criminal-justice system is racist. Here’s the proof. Radley Balko, Washington Post

The People Who Undermine Progressive Prosecutors Rashad Robinson, New York Times

The Case for Federal Criminal Courts – and Sentencing Reform The Crime Report

COVID-19 Has Delayed Programs That Texas Prisoners Need to Get Out Michael Barajas, Texas Observer

‘I’m scared every day’: Correctional officers, inmates say Texas prisons botched COVID-19 response Tanya Eiserer and Jason Trahan, WFAA

Families Hold Vigil For Inmates Inside Colorado’s Largest Prison, Home To The State’s Biggest Coronavirus Outbreak Sam Brasch, Colorado Public Radio

The First Year Out Stephanie Clifford, Marie Claire

After controversy, man convicted of killing officer paroled (Virginia) Sarah Rankin, AP News

AM Stories

Why Minneapolis Was the Breaking Point Wesley Lowery, The Atlantic

Minnesota’s Decades-Long Failure to Confront Police Abuse Ricardo Lopez, The New Yorker

The Trump administration abandoned a proven way to reduce police violence Chiraag Bains and Dana Mulhauser, Washington Post

Police unions and police misconduct: What the research says about the connection Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post

Minneapolis Police Department is withdrawing from union contract negotiations, chief says CBS News

LA police union spent big in local elections. Some politicians now shun the money Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times

Police have killed 866 people in LA County since 2000 Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Activists Call On Police To End Use of ‘Less-Lethal’ Force City News Service

Call to ‘defund’ police in Baltimore and elsewhere raises the question: What would that look like? Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun

Camden disbanded its police department and built a new one. Can others learn from it? Allison Steele and Sean Collins Walsh, Philadelphia Inquirer

Chicago has nearly tripled per capita police spending since 1964, data show Carlos Ballesteros, Injustice Watch

The Struggle to Abolish the Police Is Not New Garrett Felber, Boston Review

The Origins of the ‘Police Riot’ Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine

Everything Could Be Free Greg Afinogenov, n+1 Magazine

‘Cops’ Is Off the Air. But Will We Ever Get It Out of Our Heads? James Poniewozik, New York Times

‘Live PD’ reality show shutting down after police protests, Javier Ambler death Austin American-Statesman

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