PM Stories

Floyd death propels police reformers in key prosecutor races Jeremy B. White, Politico

Some of the Charges Stemming From George Floyd’s Death Should Trouble Criminal Justice Reformers Jacob Sullum, Reason

New Hope for People Who Claim Racism Tainted Their Death Sentence Joseph Neff and Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

Judge Declares Courthouse Immigration Arrests Illegal in New York Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News

Judge to ICE: Don’t Ambush Immigrants at New York Courthouses Benjamin Weiser, New York Times

200 Chino inmates transferred to San Quentin, Corcoran. Why weren’t they tested first? (California) Megan Cassidy and Jason Fagone, San Francisco Chronicle

Coronavirus detected in San Quentin prison transfers Richard Halstead, Marin Independent Journal

Release During COVID-19 ‘Almost Like Being Incarcerated Again’ Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

Liman Center Presses for Health and Safety in Prisons During Pandemic Yale Law School

In-person social visits at Cook County Jail resume amid ‘continuing trend of low COVID-19 cases’ ABC 7 Chicago

AM Stories

New York Legislature Repeals Notorious Police Secrecy Law CJ Ciaramella, Reason

Good Riddance to One of America’s Strongest Police Secrecy Laws Mara Gay, New York Times

Texas to require all police officers receive implicit bias training, in first George Floyd-inspired reform Taylor Goldenstein, Houston Chronicle

Power over Policing Jocelyn Simonson, Boston Review

2 views on the future of American policing PBS News Hour

The Rush to Redefine “Defund the Police” Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

What Could ‘Defund the Police’ Mean in Practice? Benjamin Hart, Ed Kilgore, and Ezekiel Kweku, New York Magazine

What Does It Mean to Be a “Good Cop”? Alec Karakatsanis, Slate

Stop Training Police Like They’re Joining the Military Rosa Brooks, The Atlantic

Ending ‘Qualified Immunity’ Won’t Make Cops More Accountable: Study The Crime Report

How Racial Bias Affects Police Use of Deadly Force The Crime Report

A Major Obstacle to Police Reform: The Whiteness of Their Union Bosses Eli Hager and Weihua Li, The Marshall Project

‘Cops’ canceled amid nationwide protests against police brutality Tracy Brown, Los Angeles Times

Bad Boys: How “Cops” became the most polarizing reality TV show in America (2018) Tim Stelloh, The Marshall Project

Police officers are often glorified on TV shows. Here’s what it looks like when they aren’t. Bethonie Butler, Washington Post

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