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Trump Is Reviving the Disgraceful Legacy of ‘Law-and-Order’ Politics Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine

The Police Take the Side of White Vigilantes Alex Pareene, New Republic

In urban areas, police are consistently much whiter than the people they serve Dan Keating and Kevin Uhrmacher, Washington Post

Don’t Fall for the ‘Chaos’ Theory of the Protests Megan Garber, The Atlantic

Police keep using force against peaceful protesters, prompting sustained criticism about tactics and training Mark Berman and Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, Washington Post

Democrats prepare sweeping police reform bills after George Floyd’s death NBC News

Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police Hannah Jones, City Pages

New York Senator Makes the Case for Defunding the NYPD Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

California DAs Call for Ban on Police Union Money and Endorsements in Prosecutorial Elections Eliyahu Kamisher, The Appeal

No more George Floyds: Interactions over minor offenses too often spiral out of control Arthur Rizer and Jonathan Haggerty, USA Today

Washington Wrote a Playbook for Preventing Police Violence. What Happened to it? Zack Stanton, Politico Magazine

Lafayette Park Protesters Aren’t Federal Prisoners, But Prison Riot Teams Are There Anyway (Washington, DC) Matt Shuham, Talking Points Memo

Houston’s police chief wins national praise – but faces local anger over shootings and transparency Mike Hixenbaugh, NBC News

The Hero Myth of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo Michael Hardy, Texas Monthly

Why Chicago Police Department reform moves slowly despite cries for immediate change Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune

Fear, Illness and Death in ICE Detention: How a Protest Grew on the Inside Seth Freed Wessler, New York Times

Will Pandemic Be ‘Tipping Point’ For Justice Reform? Jordan S. Rubin, The Crime Report

Report: 1 in 6 Chicago COVID-19 Cases Can Be Tied to Cook County Jail Matt Masterson, WTTW

DOJ inspector general investigating death of inmate who died after he was pepper sprayed Kristine Phillips, USA Today

AM Stories

Murder charges filed against all 4 officers in George Floyd’s death as protests against biased policing continue Brittany Shammas, Kim Bellware, and Brady Dennis, Washington Post

What is felony murder? Officers in George Floyd case face charge used on gangs, drug dealers MSNBC

Experts say upgraded charge against officer in George Floyd’s death fits Dennis Romero, NBC News

As peaceful protests continue, LAPD budget could be cut by up to $150 million to reinvest in communities of color Brittny Mejia, Dorany Pineda, Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, Julia Wick, Hannah Fry, Richard Winton, Luke Money, and Colleen Shalby, Los Angeles Times

Garcetti Says Los Angeles Will Not Increase Its Police Budget for 2020-2021 Eric Heinz, (LA) City News Service

Minneapolis Public Schools Terminates Contract With Police After George Floyd’s Death CBS Minnesota

 New Jersey announces law enforcement reforms in wake of protests against police brutality Samantha Maldonado, Politico

New York Legislators Pledge to Reject Campaign Donations from Law Enforcement Bryce Covert, The Appeal

200+ New York Mayoral Staffers Demand “Radical Change,” Police Budget Cuts Democracy Now!

Bryan Stevenson on the Frustration Behind the George Floyd Protests Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

The Police Report to Me, but I Knew I Couldn’t Protect My Son Keisha Lance Bottoms, New York Times

For Police Officers, Demonstrations Take a Toll and Test Duty Manny Fernandez, New York Times

Gunning for the Last Resort Rebecca Onion, Slate

LAPD tactics get more aggressive as arrests soar James Queally, Kevin Rector, Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, and Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times

A dangerous new factor in an uneasy moment: Unidentified law enforcement officers Philip Bump, Washington Post

Militarizing the Minds of Police Officers (2017) Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

How Much Do We Need The Police? Leah Donnella, NPR

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