PM Stories

Prisoners May Hold the Key to Releasing Us from Coronavirus Lockdown Marc M. Howard, New York Times

What COVID-19 Prison Outbreaks Could Teach Us About Herd Immunity Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project

Is COVID-19 Falling Harder on Black Prisoners? Officials Won’t Tell Us. Maurice Chammah and Tom Meagher, The Marshall Project

Coronavirus infection rates in some parts of LA County jails are 40% or higher Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times

California Sheriff Refuses to Release People From Jail as COVID Outbreak Rages Mike Ludwig, Truthout

Less Than Half a Percent of Pennsylvania Prisoners Have Been Granted Emergency Release During the Pandemic Joshua Vaughn, The Appeal

At Angola, Coronavirus Turns Life Without Parole for Selling Weed Into a Potential Death Sentence (Louisiana) Tana Ganeva, Reason

A Public Defender Fights to Save His Two Incarcerated Brothers From COVID-19 Jordan Smith, The Intercept

In Prison, Even Social Distancing Rules Get Weaponized Christopher Blackwell, The Marshall Project

Who Wants to Run the Deadliest Big City in America? Theodoric Meyer, Politico Magazine

Baltimore mayoral candidates zero in on violent crime during debate in campaign’s closing days Talia Richman, Baltimore Sun

Campaign Funds for Judges Warp Criminal Justice, Study Finds Adam Liptak, New York Times

Oregon’s top courts begin reversing nonunanimous convictions Andrew Selsky, AP News

The Evidence Against Her Justine van der Leun, Type Investigations

For years they’ve been seen as quiz show criminals. A new TV series may change that Emily Zemler, Los Angeles Times

AM Stories

After George Floyd, a Nation in Search of Justice Hugh Eakin, New York Review of Books

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide Matthew Dessem, Slate

Thousands Protest in NYC, Clashing With Police Across All 5 Boroughs Alan Feuer and Azi Paybarah, New York Times

Scenes from a New York City Protest of the Police Killing of George Floyd Marella Gayla, The New Yorker

Newsom declares state of emergency in LA, deploys National Guard Kevin Rector, Dakota Smith, Kevin Baxter, Leila Miller, Emily Baumgaertner, Matthew Ormseth, and Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times

Legal immunity for police misconduct, under attack from left and right, may get Supreme Court review Richard Wolf, USA Today

The George Floyd Killing in Minneapolis Exposes the Failures of Police Reform Alice Speri, Alleen Brown, and Mara Hvistendahl, The Intercept

George Floyd’s death could have been prevented if we had a police culture of intervention Christy E. Lopez, Washington Post

The Only Solution Is to Defund the Police Alex S. Vitale, The Nation

No More Cop Unions Kim Kelly, New Republic

The Anti-Lockdown Protests Prove Police Know How to Treat Protesters Fairly Aymann Ismail, Slate

Target Has a Long History With the Minneapolis Police Aaron Mak, Slate

In Defense of Looting (2014) Vicky Osterweil, The New Inquiry

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