PM Stories

America’s Most Resilient Institution Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

‘I Can’t Breathe’: 4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Black Man Dies in Custody Christine Hauser, Derrick Bryson Taylor, and Neil Vigdor, New York Times

Tear gas fired as officers in riot gear clash with Minneapolis protesters over death of George Floyd Dennis Romero, NBC News

Bystander Videos of George Floyd and Others Are Policing the Police Audra D. S. Burch and John Eligon, New York Times

A Black Man Bird-Watching in Central Park Asked a White Woman to Leash Her Dog. She Called the Cops. Elliot Hannon, Slate

Amy Cooper’s 911 call is part of an all-too-familiar pattern Anna North, Vox

No, criminals aren’t rampaging across California because of our zero-dollar bail policy Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

LA County Starts Planning for Shift in Juvenile Justice System City News Service

San Diego County eliminates juvenile justice fees and debts Charles T. Clark, Los Angeles Times

Fortunate Son Brantley Hargrove, D Magazine

From Angola prison to ‘America’s Got Talent’: Archie Williams gives hope to Louisiana inmates Lea Skene, Baton Rouge Advocate

AM Stories

Bill Barr Promised to Release Prisoners Threatened by Coronavirus – Even as the Feds Secretly Made It Harder for Them to Get Out Ian MacDougall, ProPublica

Bureau of Prisons to start moving 6,800 new federal inmates to its facilities Kristine Phillips, USA Today

California prisons to begin accepting inmates as coronavirus deaths mount in Chino Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times

Federal prison population continues historic drop with BOP now reporting 166,647 total federal inmates Sentencing Law and Policy

Man Serving 18 Years On Marijuana Charges Just Died In Federal Prison COVID-19 Outbreak (Kentucky) Ryan J. Reilly, Huffington Post

Lockdowns, strict measures making life difficult for Maryland prisoners. But are they keeping them alive? Phillip Jackson, Baltimore Sun

Prince George’s jail officials acted with ‘reckless disregard’ to coronavirus outbreak, judge finds (Maryland) Dan Morse, Washington Post

Officials mishandled coronavirus outbreaks at Lompoc and Terminal Island prisons, lawsuits claim Alex Wigglesworth, Los Angeles Times

Stateville prison reopens decrepit ‘F-House’ to hold inmates with COVID-19 (Illinois) Jonah Newman, Injustice Watch

Coronavirus outbreak at Oregon State Penitentiary obscured in ZIP code report released by state Brad Schmidt and Mark Friesen, The Oregonian

Inmates share what life is like inside prison during the coronavirus pandemic CBS News

No Photo ID, No Services: Coronavirus Poses Steep Hurdles After Prison Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

The Fragile Existence of Sex Workers During the Pandemic Alexis Okeowo, The New Yorker

Whores at the End of the World Sonya Aragon, n+1 Magazine

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