PM Stories

Florida Law Restricting Felon Voting Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules Patricia Mazzei, New York Times

Florida’s ‘Pay-to-Vote’ Law Ruled Unconstitutional Jon Parton, Courthouse News

Still in Solitary (California) Joshua Manson, The Appeal

California Fights to Deny Parole Based on Gang Ties Helen Christophi, The Progressive

Florida Supreme Court Destroys Precedent Protecting Mentally Disabled People From Execution Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

The Suffolk County DA’s Attack on Public Defenders Was Misguided Premal Dharia and Jullian Harris-Calvin, The Appeal

New York City and Los Angeles Slash Budgets – But Not for Police Alice Speri, The Intercept

Is There Such a Thing as “Good” Prison Design? (2018) Rachel Slade, Architectural Digest

The Suspects Wore Louboutins (2010) Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair

New Documentary Reveals Silicon Valley’s Role in Notorious Bronx Gang Raid Simon Davis-Cohen, The Appeal

‘Helter Skelter’: Epix’s Manson Family Docuseries to Premiere in June Tyler Hersko, IndieWire

AM Stories

In coronavirus crisis, lessons in humanity toward America’s incarcerated Marc M. Howard, USA Today

The Federal Bureau of Prisons must be held accountable for the death of my granddaughter Clara LeBeau, Washington Post

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort Got to Leave Federal Prison Due to COVID-19. They’re The Exception. Joseph Neff and Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

Fighting Coronavirus in Rural Communities by Protecting Incarcerated People Sunwoo Oh and Kayla Abrams, Brennan Center for Justice

‘People are sick all around me’: inside the coronavirus catastrophe in California prisons Sam Levin, The Guardian

‘I’m pretty sure I should be going home’ (Michigan) Aaron Miguel Cantú, Type Investigations

Maryland’s longest-serving female prisoner had covid-19. Lawmakers push for her release. Ovetta Wiggins, Washington Post

Texas court holds first US jury trial via videoconferencing Jake Bleiberg, ABC News

US Policing After Wave One of COVID-19 Vanda Felbab-Brown, Lawfare

Police Face Backlash Over Virus Rules. Enter ‘Violence Interrupters.’ Ashley Southall, New York Times

Pretrial Detention in the Time of COVID-19 Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

One’s an inmate, and one’s a guard. Coronavirus binds their loved ones – in protest against the state. Isaac Stanley-Becker, Washington Post

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