PM Stories

Viral Injustice: How the Pandemic is Unmasking the US Economic, Racial, and Immigration Systems The Intercept

Quarantine Could Change How Americans Think of Incarceration Hannah Giorgis, The Atlantic

New York City Thwarts the Second Amendment Revolution Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

When Your Freedom Depends on an App Molly Osberg and Dhruv Mehrotra, Gizmodo

DNA points to former suspect in 1985 church murders (Georgia) Joshua Sharpe, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

New Podcast Explores Whether the Scorpions Hit ‘Wind of Change’ Was Written by the CIA Jon Blistein, Rolling Stone

AM Stories

Police officers nationwide need to consider going hands-off during this crisis Rosa Brooks, Washington Post

Prosecutors’ Lack of Empathy for Jailed People Now Could Cost Them Later Rory Fleming, Filter Magazine

A New COVID-19 Lawsuit Seeks to Change the Horrifying Conditions in Los Angeles Jails Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Hundreds are still jailed for technical parole violations in NYC, which means decarceration is happening far too slowly Wanda Bertram and Emily Widra, Prison Policy Initiative

COVID-Sick at Rikers on $1 Bail – And a Parole Violation Rosa Goldensohn, The City

As COVID-19 Hits Jails and Prisons, Texas Inmates Call for Action Tyler Hicks, Texas Observer

Dozens of Reports From Inside Cook County Jail Paint a Grim Picture as COVID-19 Cases Soar Maya Dukmasova, The Appeal

Federal judge orders additional social distancing measures at Cook County Jail Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune

Future of public defense threatened with fiscal collapse as coronavirus closes courts across state (Louisiana) Jacqueline DeRobertis, Baton Rouge Advocate

Federal Judge Rejects Request for Release of Medically Vulnerable Dallas County Jail Inmates David Lee, Courthouse News

Life Has Moved to Zoom. Can Prison Visitation Do the Same? Mia Armstrong, Slate

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