PM Stories

New York Rolled Back Bail Reform. What Will The Rest Of The Country Do? Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project

New York Tried to Get Rid of Bail. Then the Backlash Came. Jamiles Lartey, Politico Magazine

The Supreme Court’s War Over Jury Trials Could Change Everything Matt Ford, New Republic

The Important First Amendment Principle Now at Risk Garrett Epps, The Atlantic

LAPD will end controversial program that aimed to predict where crimes would occur Leila Miller, Los Angeles Times

What You Need To Know About Predictive Policing (2016) Blair Hickman, The Marshall Project

How Oklahoma Popped Its Prison Bubble, In Charts Taylor Miller Thomas and Megan McCrink, Politico Magazine

The Wire Forever: David Simon on the Quarantine Favorite and His Equally Pissed-Off New Show, The Plot Against America Maureen Ryan, Vanity Fair

AM Stories

Bureau of Prisons Reverses Coronavirus Home Confinement Policy CJ Ciaramella, Reason

Trump’s support for right-wing protests just got more ugly and dangerous Greg Sargent, Washington Post

DOJ Would Support Legal Action If Governors’ Restrictions Go ‘Too Far,’ Barr Says Alana Wise, NPR

State Prison Virus Cases Mounting as Outside Figures Plateau (New York) Rosa Goldensohn, Ann Choi, and Reuven Blau, The City

The Pandemic Inside the Only Women’s Maximum-Security Prison in New York Lyra Walsh Fuchs, Dissent

NYS Parole Board faces backlog of up to 400 cases, one commissioner out due to coronavirus Chelsia Rose Marcius, New York Daily News

Death Penalty States Won’t Turn Over Scarce COVID-19 Drugs Austin Sarat, Slate

Coronavirus Exposes Precarity of Prison Towns Jonathan Ben-Menachem, The Appeal

Should Court Fines Be Suspended During Health Crisis? Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

Maryland said it has released 2,000 inmates from prisons and jails to slow spread of the coronavirus Phillip Jackson, Baltimore Sun

Formerly Incarcerated Americans Were Excluded From Federal COVID-19 Relief Alex Sherman, The Appeal

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