Prison lawyers seek emergency order on coronavirus, including release of inmates Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times

Legal battles escalate over virus dangers to immigration detainees Josh Gerstein, Politico

“They Don’t Care:” Families Of The Incarcerated Fear The Worst As Coronavirus Spreads Nicole Lewis, The Marshall Project

Can COVID-19 Force Us to Take Criminal Justice Reform Seriously? Tomas Keen, The Crime Report

Some Supreme Courts Are Helping Shrink Jails to Stop Outbreaks. Others Are Lagging Behind. Kyle C. Barry, The Appeal

As courts shut down, one city’s public defenders try to save their clients from the virus Radley Balko, Washington Post

Baton Rouge jail population hits 10-year low amid efforts to combat coronavirus spread Lea Skene, The Advocate

The Pandemic Economy in American Prisons Nick Martin, New Republic

America’s Crisis Daddy Andrew Cuomo Exploits Coronavirus Panic to Push Bail Reform Rollback in New York Nick Pinto, The Intercept

What Cuomo Hasn’t Done David Leonhardt, New York Times

Cuomo’s Prison Workers Say They’re Not Actually Making Hand Sanitizer Katie Way, Vice

History Teaches Us That When Viruses Come to Prisons, Punishment Is Not the Answer Joshua Manson, The Appeal

The Supreme Court Let States Kill the Insanity Defense Carissa Byrne Hessick, Slate

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