The courts are fighting back. It’s about time. Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

Correctional Facilities Are the Perfect Incubators for the Coronavirus Nathalie Baptiste, Mother Jones

New York will use low-wage prison labor to make hand sanitizer Mary Beth Griggs, The Verge

Convicted Based on Lies Pamela Colloff and Katie Zavadski, ProPublica

‘Chaos, confusion and corruption’: Violence persists in Alabama’s prisons despite federal investigation Kristine Phillips and Melissa Brown, USA Today

Public defenders should not be punished for telling the truth Emily Galvin, Penn Live

De Blasio Denies That The NYPD Fudges Crime Stats. The Truth Is More Complicated. Christopher Robbins, Gothamist

For Many Serving Harsh Sentences, the Governor Becomes a Last Hope Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Reform Police Training – Why It’s a Conservative Cause Arthur Rizer and Brett Tolman, National Review

“We Are Not Lost Causes” (New York) Mark Obbie, Longreads

Part 1: The Strange Career of Judge Frank Shea (Louisiana) Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens NOLA

Chicago police union president forced into runoff election against cop facing discipline for filing report on Eddie Johnson Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune

Obsession is The Most Dangerous Animal Of All in FX’s first foray into true crime Katie Rife, AV Club

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