Quandary for 2020 Democrats: Which Criminal Justice Changes Get Priority? Maggie Astor, New York Times

This race could be a bellwether for the future of prosecution Harry Litman, Washington Post

LA’s First Black District Attorney Is Battling for Reelection. Black Activists Want Her Out. Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

This DA Election Could Bring a Big Change in How Austin, Texas Treats Drug Addiction Kira Lerner, The Appeal

Why the Weinstein Jury Decided to Convict: Inside the Deliberations Jan Ransom, Sharon Otterman, and Laura Dimon, New York Times

In the US criminal justice system, algorithms help officials make better decisions, our research finds Zhiyuan Lin, Jongbin Jung, Sharad Goel, and Jennifer Skeem, Washington Post

A DC judge issues a much-needed opinion on ‘junk science’ Radley Balko, Washington Post

Colorado still allows killers to use gay or transgender “panic” defenses. But the strategy could soon be outlawed. Jesse Paul, Colorado Sun

Barnard College Slay Trial to Examine What Teen Suspect Understands Ben Chapman and Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal

NYPD’s most-sued officers: 87 lawsuits filed against 14 cops in just two years Graham Rayman, New York Daily News

Maryland to pay more than $8.7 million to three men recently exonerated in Baltimore student’s death in 1983 Luke Broadwater, Baltimore Sun

The Untold Tale of Cosmo DiNardo’s Descent Into Murder and Madness Ralph Cipriano, Philadelphia Magazine

A police officer’s lie unraveled after a Seattle man took his own life. This is how it happened. Daniel Beekman, Seattle Times

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