The Trump Administration Is Gagging America’s Immigration Judges Cristian Farias, The Atlantic

The Dangers of America’s Expanding ‘Digital Prison’ The Crime Report

Clearview’s Facial Recognition App Has Been Used By The Justice Department, ICE, Macy’s, Walmart, And The NBA Ryan Mac, Caroline Haskins, and Logan McDonald, BuzzFeed News

Police are issuing fake warnings of meth tainted with coronavirus. Public health experts say please stop now. Meagan Flynn, Washington Post

Klobuchar Ramped Up Prosecutions, Except in Cases Against Police Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Richard Fausset, New York Times

District Attorney Boudin announces new policy reforms, SFPOA blasts decision San Francisco Chronicle

ICE’s New York Office Uses a Rigged Algorithm to Keep Virtually All Arrestees in Detention. The ACLU Says It’s Unconstitutional. Sam Biddle, The Intercept

High Cost of Prison Diversion Programs Leaves ‘Too Many People’ Imprisoned in Alabama Lauren Gill, The Appeal

A Pennsylvania county fired its two top public defenders for doing their jobs Radley Balko, Washington Post

18-year-old offenders belong in the juvenile, not adult, justice system Editorial Board, Boston Globe

Why people are delivering jars of gummy bears to fight mass incarceration across the US Grace Hauck, USA Today

California’s Felony Murder Law Change Means Freedom For San Diego Man Claire Trageser, KPBS

No Glitter, No Glue, No Meth? (Texas) Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

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