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This week on Crime Story we continued our coverage of two stories: the upcoming trial of Robert Durst, and the L. A. District Attorney election and, and dug deep into one of the big issues of that race.

On Monday, we presented a new episode of Jury Duty, our weekly podcast forum for the discussion of crime and justice storytelling news and narrative analysis. This week’s episode ​offered a conversation with Paul Butler about Progressive Prosecutors​. Butler offered insight into the way that conservative forces are trying to rein those prosecutors in.

On Tuesday in a scoop Op-Ed piece, ​recently-retired Los Angeles Criminal Courts Judge Katherine Mader endorsed George Gascón for District Attorney. In her piece, Mader said: “I do not have anything personal against the current District Attorney, Jackie Lacey. I believe she is well-meaning. I do not believe, though, that she is the leader the DA’s office desperately needs.”  

She later added: “George Gascón will make sure that he gives clear directives to his DA’s that rehabilitation is not a dirty word.  He will insist that DA’s in court not be retaliated against for urging compassion in appropriate cases.  Also, George Gascón will identify mentally ill offenders at the beginning of the arrest process, and treat them with compassion, not at the end, after they have been jailed for months.  These directives will begin to change the culture of the DA’s Office.”

On Thursday, in​ ​To Imprison or Divert in LA,​ Molly Miller explored the way that “diversion” works in the Los Angeles criminal legal process.

On Saturday we offered an exclusive in depth profile of the recently impaneled jury in The People vs. Robert Durst. The jury of 8 women and 4 men, is tentatively scheduled to begin to hear the case next week, after 12 alternate jurors are confirmed.

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