The Trouble with Donald Trump’s Clemencies and Pardons Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker

Criminal Justice Reform Moves Pretty Fast. Just Ask Harris County DA Kim Ogg. Michael Hardy, Texas Monthly

California Takes a First Step Toward Improving Its Failing County Jails Jason Pohl and Ryan Gabrielson, ProPublica/Sacramento Bee

Could a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision fix ‘broken’ bail systems across the state? Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

Mississippi Prisons: No One’s Safe, Not Even the Guards Joseph Neff and Alysia Santo, The Marshall Project

New York City Success Story: Leaving ‘Mass Imprisonment’ Behind Vincent Schiraldi, The Crime Report

Weinstein jurors focus on Sciorra as deliberations continue Michael R. Sisak and Tom Hays, Associated Press

Louisiana Continues to Imprison People Past Their Release Dates Victoria Law, The Appeal

Why This Inmate Chose the Electric Chair Over Lethal Injection (Tennessee) Rick Rojas, New York Times

Gov. Bill Lee and Tennessee reach a crossroads on the death penalty Joe Ingle, The Tennessean

In San Quentin Prison, Getting the Flu Can Land You in Solitary Confinement Juan Moreno Haines, The Appeal

Meet the Lawyer Who Fought Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk – and Won Mary Harris, Slate

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