A Proposal to Offset Prosecutors’ Power: The ‘Defender General’ Adam Liptak, New York Times

American Law Does Not Take Rape Seriously Barbara Bradley Hagerty, The Atlantic

It took us months to contest a flawed study on police bias. Here’s why that’s dangerous. Dean Knox and Jonathan Mummolo, Washington Post

Here Are the Fare-Evasion Enforcement Data the NYPD Fought to Keep Secret Laura Wagner, Vice

Pretrial Reform Must Go Beyond Ending Cash Bail Andy Philipson, The Appeal

What’s the Meaning of “Life” When Sentencing Kids? Eli Hager, The Marshall Project

New Jersey just eliminated fines for youth in the juvenile system. And that’s a good thing. Katrina Goodjoint, Star-Ledger

A rape kit that sat untested for decades just exonerated a wrongfully convicted man Marisa Iati, Washington Post

How These Jail Officials Profit From Selling E-Cigarettes to Inmates (Kentucky) RG Dunlop, ProPublica/Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

Jail staff mocked a sick man and denied care as he begged for help, video shows. Days later, he was dead. (Oklahoma) Katie Mettler and Adriana Usero, Washington Post

Alabama moving 600 inmates from crowded, dangerous, deteriorating Holman prison Mike Cason, AL.com

Ninth Circuit Upholds Contempt Order Over Arizona’s Shoddy Prisoner Care Maria Dinzeo, Courthouse News

New York Police Department to Focus on Preventing Youth Crime Ben Chapman, Wall Street Journal

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