There’s a Strong Case for Sticking With Bail Reform Emily Bazelon and Insha Rahman, New York Times

Bail reform is already working: Look beyond the breathless fearmongering Scott Hechinger, New York Daily News

San Francisco ends cash bail for all criminal cases San Francisco Chronicle

Florida Supreme Court Gives Itself the Power to Shred Liberal Precedent, Starting With Death Penalty Limits Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Florida Supreme Court says unanimous jury not needed for death penalty in major reversal Emily L. Mahoney, Tampa Bay Times

Angola’s Angst Beth Shelburne, Bitter Southerner

What Would a World Without Prisons Be Like? KalaLea and Rhiannon Corby, The New Yorker Radio Hour

‘The new evidence raises deeply troubling questions’: did Arkansas kill an innocent man? Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

New San Francisco DA Inherits Chance to Hold Police Accountable in Shooting of Man With Mental Illness Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Prosecutor caseloads don’t exist within a vacuum: Research must look at big picture of ending mass incarceration Howard Henderson, Houston Chronicle

Normalizing Injustice Color of Change

How crime shows like ‘Law & Order’ skew our sense of police behavior Opheli Garcia Lawler, Mic

Michelle Carter and the complications of true-crime dramas like “I Love You, Now Die” Opheli Garcia Lawler, Mic

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