This is the third episode of Jury Duty, a new weekly podcast forum for the discussion of crime and justice storytelling, news and narrative analysis presented by Crime Story Media. 

This episode features a discussion between yours truly, Crime Story, Publisher/Editor Kary Antholis and Crime Story Consulting Editor, and Georgetown Law Professor, Paul Butler. 

Before the conversation, we re-present Butler’s reading of his recent opinion piece for Crime Story about a fatal flaw in the film Queen & Slim that feeds a myth promoted by right wing ideologues. In our chat, Paul and I discuss that essay. We follow that by continuing our ongoing dialogue about the tenure of Attorney General William Barr, and conclude with a brief discussion of the national movement to elect progressive District Attorneys, and the inclinations among young progressive lawyers to try to effect change to the criminal legal process by becoming prosecutors.

After my conversation with Paul, Crime Story Reporter Molly Miller joins me to discuss my interview with Paul as well as to preview the stories, themes and issues that we will pursue in our 2020 coverage of the Los Angeles Criminal Legal System.

You can find additional conversations with and contributions by Paul Butler here, here and here. You can find a text version of the Promise and Failure of Queen & Slim here.

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