Over the twelve days from Monday, December 23 and concluding on Friday, January 3, we will present special Re-Podcasts of my Crime Story Podcast interviews with storytellers in the world of crime and justice. Each interview will be presented in its entirety, and so interviews that were previously offered in multiple parts can now be accessed in one download or streaming session.

This is Day 8: a conversation with Tom Fontana, ground zero in the explosion of this golden age of television. Tom served as executive producer of St. Elsewhere, Executive Producer and Showrunner of Homicide: Life on the Streets, and Creator and Executive Producer of the first prestige drama of the cable television era, Oz. Tom is currently the Executive Producer and Showrunner of the Showtime crime drama City on a Hill.

In this conversation, Tom and I discussed the people and forces that shaped his creative thinking, and we zeroed in on his experiences as a pioneer in expanding the artistic possibilities for the prestige drama as the network era transitioned into the premium cable era. 

You can find a transcript of my interview with Tom here.

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