Eight Cases Against Harvey Weinstein Being Reviewed by L.A. District Attorney Gene Maddaus, Variety

Spy planes should track police misconduct, too George Dinwiddie, Baltimore Sun

Criminal justice reforms begin to impact local courts (New York) WNYT Staff, WNYT

Wyandotte County district attorney blasts treatment of wrongly convicted Kansan Glenn E. Rice, The Kansas City Star

Ebert retires after 52 years of high-profile prosecutions Matthew Barakat, Minneapolis Star Tribune

DA Rachael Rollins calls lack of outcry over dismissal of Rich Hill’s criminal charges hypocritical Stefan Geller, Boston Herald

Massachusetts has a blueprint for what’s next in criminal justice reform Dartunorro Clark, NBC News

Missouri Supreme Court is asked to determine if Lamar Johnson gets new trial Rachel Reisz, The St. Louis Post Dispatch Rachel Reisz, the St. Louis Post dispatch

Dutch detectives turn to power of podcast to solve 1991 murder case Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

Don’t F*ck With Cats True Story: Missing Details From The Luka Magnotta Case Kayleigh Donaldson, Screen Rant

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Just Mercy Matthew Dessem, Slate

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