Editor’s note: This past summer, in a Los Angeles courtroom, Michael Gargiulo was tried and convicted on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. In the media, he was given the tabloid name the “Hollywood Ripper.“ 

Crime Story reporter Chris Tarricone wrote four stories about the case, assessing the experiences of this media trial from the points of view of witnesses and defense attorneys.

In this special podcast presentation, we present all four of Chris’s stories in the sequence that they were published. Cumulatively, these stories offer powerful insight into the residual impact and traumas upon the participants in such a high profile murder trial.

You can read each of these stories by clicking on the titles: “I Buried the Bitch… Just Kidding,” The Witness Following Ashton KutcherFishing for Clickbait and The Challenges of Defending the Alleged “Hollywood Ripper”.

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